Got queries on our additional services?

Frequently asked questions

Got queries on our additional services?

Frequently asked questions

General Questions

When can I see the additional services for businesses?
These services are visible when you hold a business current account or business savings account at KBC Brussels or have taken out business insurance or a business loan with KBC Brussels.
How do I know if I have business products at KBC Brussels?
  • When in KBC Brussels Mobile, you can distinguish your business from your personal products by means of a light blue or dark blue line. You will also see that line below your accounts.
  • In KBC Brussels Touch, you can clearly see the difference between business and personal in the menu structure to the left.
Where can I find the additional services?
  • In KBC Brussels Mobile, the ‘Additional services’ button is located at the bottom right of the login screen. If you're already logged in, tap ‘More’ at the bottom right and then ‘Additional services’ to see all the additional services offered, including those for businesses.
  • In KBC Brussels Touch, the additional services can be found under ‘Payments’, ‘Loans’ and ‘Insurance’ in the business section.
When can I use the additional services?
  • You can use these services if you hold one or more business products at KBC Brussels, have access to KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch, or have an appropriate power of attorney for a business account at KBC Brussels.
  • If you want to use an additional service, you first have to check the box indicating that you are authorised to contractually bind the company in question.

Go Solid

What is Go Solid?

Go Solid makes it easy to quickly recover unpaid and undisputed B2B invoices without the hassle of going to court. Our KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile apps tell you when your invoice has been paid.

How much does Go Solid cost?
Go Solid is free of charge for you. No advance or deposit applies either. Go Solid will charge your customer up to an additional 10% of the amount to be recovered, plus a handling fee of 40 euros.
Can I also recover unpaid invoices from individuals?
Go Solid only provides its services for the recovery of undisputed debts between companies. Go Solid in KBC Brussels Mobile can only be used for the recovery of undisputed invoices between companies registered with the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. If you want to recover money owed to your business by an individual, contact Go Solid.
The relationship with my customer is very important to me. How is communication with the customer conducted?

Go Solid collaborates exclusively with experienced partners. The lawyer and bailiff concerned handle your file in a professional manner and treat your customer with integrity. Go Solid ensures a personal approach with a focus on solving, and preferably avoiding, payment problems. Go Solid engages with your customer in a respectful manner, whether they are communicating by e-mail, by phone or in person. They do their utmost to safeguard your long-term relationship with your customer.

What should I do if my customer contacts me?

Contact Go Solid as soon as possible. They can inform you of any arrangements made or whether the invoice has been paid. That’s good news. Once the payment has been received in full, Go Solid closes the file.

What happens if my customer doesn't respond to a payment reminder?

Once a bailiff has issued a payment reminder notice to your customer, they have one month to pay or dispute the debt. If the customer fails to respond, the bailiff draws up a report of non-dispute at least eight days after that month has passed, then obtains and serves a court order demanding payment.

What if my customer disputes the payment reminder?

Go Solid only provides its services for the recovery of undisputed debts. If your customer disputes the debt during the procedure (this rarely happens), the procedure is terminated and the insurance will not cover any legal costs incurred. Depending on the reason given for disputing the debt, you can try to recover it by ordinary summons.
Note that if you submit a disputed invoice to Go Solid, you pay their associated expenses.

What if my customer requests a payment plan?

Go Solid aims to recover debts in full as quickly as possible. However, if a specific case warrants the use of a payment plan, this is granted according to a fixed procedure. You receive the amount recovered each time the customer makes a payment.

What happens if my customer fails to pay the invoice in the end?

If your customer fails to pay the invoice, you won’t have to pay Go Solid anything either. That’s because they estimate the feasibility of your claim before they accept the file, after which time any legal costs associated with undisputed debts are insured.
Note that if you submit a disputed invoice to Go Solid, you pay their associated expenses.

How are undisputed debts recovered?

A special administrative procedure lets you recover undisputed business-to-business debts without going to court, so you get paid faster and for less than you would by ordinary summons.

How does Go Solid recover debts owed to my business?
  • Go Solid gets back to you within four working hours of submitting an undisputed invoice to them to let you know whether it has been accepted.
  • Go Solid first checks whether your claim meets the applicable legal criteria and they also check how solvent your customer is. A bailiff then issues your customer a payment reminder notice.
  • The debt recovery process takes around a month on average.
  • If your customer fails to pay, the bailiff draws up a report of non-dispute, then obtains and serves a court order demanding payment.
Who do I contact with questions or problems?

Call our helpdesk on 02 303 31 73 or e-mail us at

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What is NOWJOBS?

NOWJOBS is a mobile app that helps you find flexible staff for your business so that you can grow and manage your pool of earners. This service allows you to post jobs 24/7 and provides you with a 100% digital contract for your earners to sign.

How much does NOWJOBS cost?

Posting a vacancy is completely free of charge. Wage costs will be shown transparently for each interested earner. You only pay once the work has actually been done. The cost of an earner depends on their status (student/flex/regular staff), age and/or experience.

How can I invite my own earners using the app?

Do you already have a pool of students and flex-workers that you employ on a regular basis? Invite them easily via the app using a QR code or send them the link via text message, WhatsApp or e-mail. However you like!

What sort of jobs can I post a vacancy for?

You can consult the joint committees supported by NOWJOBS here (website available in French and Dutch): or

If you wish to register your temporary staff under a different joint committee, you can always contact NOWJOBS via

I only need temporary staff during certain periods, what should I do?

If you don't post any vacancies, you won't be contacted by any interested earners. As soon as you want to hire someone again, just post a new vacancy.

Do I still have to provide my Dimona declaration?

Once the earner has accepted your digital contract proposal via NOWJOBS, there's nothing else you need to do as employer. NOWJOBS takes care of the Dimona declaration, drawing up the contract, insurance, payment, etc.

What is the process for finding flexible staff through NOWJOBS?
  1. You only need to complete your business profile once, which will then be verified by NOWJOBS. These details are required for the contract with your temporary staff.
  2. After registration, you will be contacted within 48 hours by a Digital Business Partner who will activate your profile.
  3. You can easily post a vacancy online by filling in the details of the job and specifying the working hours. You can then post the vacancy immediately.
  4. You will be kept informed about earners interested in your vacancy. At this point, you can see how much the wage costs will be.
    After you have chosen the most suitable candidate, you can immediately send them a contract proposal.
  5. Once the candidate accepts this proposal, all you have to do is confirm the hours that were worked on the day of the job. You can also give a review of the candidate.
  6. Invoicing takes place afterwards by direct debit.
How do I receive my discount code for NOWJOBS?
If you're new to NOWJOBS and you're using the service via KBC Brussels Mobile, you'll receive a one-off discount code worth 50 euros via e-mail that you can use when recruiting flexible staff.
Who do I contact with questions or problems?

Call our helpdesk on 02 303 31 73 or e-mail us at

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What is Graydon?

Graydon provides up-to-date, reliable and accurate information that gives you a clear idea of the risk and growth profiles of companies, associations and the self-employed.

What can you do with Graydon?

Graydon gives you an insight into the financial health of your customers, suppliers and competitors. You get information on a company's payment behaviour, which helps you avoid any unwelcome surprises. You also reduce risks and increase opportunities, enabling you to combine your gut feeling with the facts.

Can I look up any company I want?

You can perform as many searches as you want. Graydon offers information on every Belgian company.

I've got questions about the scores I see.

For each Graydon score, there is a ‘question mark’ icon in the upper right-hand corner. Just click it to see exactly what that score means.

I'd like more information.

You can go through KBC Brussels Touch to buy a subscription to Graydon. Once your subscription is active, you'll see more information when looking up a company. The additional information also appears in KBC Brussels Mobile.

If that information turns out to be insufficient for your purposes, you can purchase a detailed report.

What’s the difference between a subscription and a detailed report?

A subscription gives you unlimited access to Graydon's insights, including payment scores, credit limits and financial details. You will always be shown the most recent information (see example)

The detailed report is even more comprehensive and supplements the information you see via your subscription. This PDF report is sent to you by e-mail.

Do I need a subscription to buy a detailed report?

No, you can buy one even if you don't have a subscription.

Where do I find my detailed report?

Graydon always sends this report to your business e-mail address. If you didn't provide one, they'll use your personal e-mail address.

Was ist "Ausgaben versenden"?

Mit dem Service "Ausgaben versenden" können Sie als Unternehmer eine Übersicht über Ihre kleineren Spesen einfach und digital an Ihren Buchhalter senden. Denken Sie an Spesenquittungen oder Parkscheine, Restaurantbesuche oder Taxifahrten, für die Sie normalerweise keine Rechnung erhalten. Die Daten zu den Ausgaben werden automatisch angereichert und Sie können auch selbst Beilagen oder zusätzliche Informationen hinzufügen. Das macht es für den Buchhalter einfacher und effizienter, die Buchhaltung für Ihr Unternehmen korrekt zu führen.

Who do I contact with questions or problems?

Call our helpdesk on 02 303 31 73 or e-mail us at

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Submitting expenses

What is the ‘Submitting expenses’ service?

The 'Submitting expenses' service allows you to easily send an overview of your smaller business expenses in digital form to your accountant. These are expenses for which you typically don't get an invoice, such as when you pay for parking, when you go out for a meal in a restaurant or when you take a taxi. The expenses are enriched automatically and you can also add your own attachments or extra information. This helps your accountant to more easily and efficiently take care of the bookkeeping for your business.

How much does the 'Submitting expenses' service cost?

The service is free of charge, but you do need to have a business account. If you don't have a business account, you can open one now.

Where can I find the 'Submitting expenses' service?

The 'Submitting expenses' service is available in KBC Brussels Mobile by going to 'Offer' and then the 'For your business' section.

I get the message 'You do not have access to this service' when I want to open the 'Submitting expenses' service. Why is that?

To use the 'Submitting expenses' service, you need to meet several conditions:

  • We need to know your company number and, legally speaking, you must be able to act on behalf of the business.
  • You need to have at least one business current account for the company and have access to it and any other business accounts used by the company.

Who do I contact with questions or problems?

Call our helpdesk on 02 303 31 73 or e-mail us at

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If I activate the 'Submitting expenses' service, which business(es) can I manage expenses for? Can anybody else manage expenses?

After activating the service, you can manage the expenses for any business(es) for which you satisfy the relevant conditions.
If there are other legal representatives besides yourself who are also legally permitted to act on behalf of the business, the 'Submitting expenses' service will be activated for them as well. They too will receive access to the expenses overview for the business.
If a business appoints an additional legal representative after the 'Submitting expenses' service has been activated, they will automatically get access to the expenses overview the next day.

How does KBC Brussels determine the difference between 'expenses' and 'other expenses'?

‘Submitting expenses’ is intended for petty expenses for which your business typically does not receive an invoice (restaurant bills, parking vouchers, etc.) If you would like to manage your purchase invoices, you can use our invoicing solution in KBC Brussels Touch.
Our smart selection feature categorises a transaction as a petty expense if the payment fulfils all of the following criteria:

  • Payment was made with a debit card, prepaid card or credit card linked to the business account, or using Payconiq
  • The amount paid was less than 150 euros
  • The payment falls in a category for which you usually do not receive an invoice (e.g., a restaurant bill)

Of course, this approach is not foolproof, and you will need to do a manual check and make any additions of your own afterwards.

Why are 'expenses' categorised as 'other expenses' if the amount is greater than 150 euros?

The 'Submitting expenses' service is intended for managing smaller expenses for which you have received a receipt or bill, such as when paying for parking, going out for a meal in a restaurant or taking a taxi. As a business owner, you will usually receive an invoice for larger expenses. Payments with an invoice are not covered by the 'Submitting expenses' service.
According to our research and feedback from small business owners and accountants, an invoice is typically provided for payments of 150 euros or more.

Is there an overlap with Billit?

No, the 'Submitting invoices' service is intended for smaller expenses for which you don't receive an invoice. The integration between KBC Brussels Touch and Billit focuses on purchase and sales invoices.

I always ask a specific merchant to provide an invoice. Can I indicate this somewhere, so that these payments are no longer categorised as 'expenses'?

Unfortunately that is not possible at this time. You must manually remove the 'incorrect' expenses from the expenses overview by using the rubbish bin icon.

Why doesn't an e-mail open when I want to send my expenses to my accountant?

You can only create an e-mail for your accountant in KBC Brussels Mobile or if you have a default program (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) set up for e-mails. Be sure to check the settings of your operating system.

How can I check an expenses overview that I have sent previously?

After sending the expenses to your accountant, the app automatically updates the period shown in the expenses overview. The next time you check the overview, only the expenses added since the last time you sent them will be shown. You can go to 'Settings' and change the start date of the period shown to display up to 13 months earlier if you would like to view your expenses again.
You can also add yourself in CC when sending your expenses by e-mail, which will allow you to easily find the list again afterwards.

What happens if I open a new business account after activating the 'Submitting expenses' service?

If you want to add a business account for a company after having activated the 'Submitting expenses' service for it, you do not need to do anything in the app. The day after opening the new business account, that account's transactions will automatically be included in the expenses overview for the business.

As an accountant, how do I work with the output file provided by the 'Submitting expenses' service?

You will receive an e-mail from your customer with a link to download a zip file. That file contains a table in CSV format, as well as any scanned expense receipts.
The table gives you an overview of petty expenses incurred by the business owner without an invoice being provided (e.g., restaurant bills or parking vouchers), along with the corresponding amount and category.
This information should allow you to record the transactions. We ask the business owner to keep the receipts as proof, so they will still be available should you need them.
You can also arrange with the business owner to scan and upload the receipts if you prefer. In that case, the scans will also be included in the ZIP file.

Who do I contact with questions or problems?

You can always call our helpdesk on 016 43 25 30.

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Monard Law

What is Monard Law?

Monard Law is a law firm that provides entrepreneurs and companies with a full range of legal services covering advice, contracts and assistance in conflict management. It has a team of more than 140 professionals with one or more specialists in virtually every area of law. Monard Law views its clients – whether large or small – as being equally important and deserving of the best legal expertise.

How can Monard Law help me?

Monard Law is happy to help you with any legal questions or problems that your business may encounter. Some examples:

  • Setting up a new company, or amending your current company's articles of association to bring them into line with the latest company legislation
  • Drawing up or amending your general terms and conditions
  • Terminating the contract with a supplier
  • Concluding a contract with a major Belgian or foreign customer
  • Renting new business premises: what should you pay close attention to in the lease contract?
  • Questions about a new permit or an extension to your existing one
  • A colleague is sick. May I check their e-mails?
  • You want to dismiss an employee but don't know how to go about it.
  • You want to take over a business.
  • You want to make sure you're complying with GDPR legislation.
  • The Labour Inspectorate has informed you they'll be visiting: what should you look out for?
  • You've received a summons: how does this process work and how should you defend your company?
  • A conflict has arisen with an important customer and they are refusing to pay
  • A customer has stopped paying you and is in danger of going bankrupt
Why do I have to pay for the first consultation?

When you request a video meeting, you already provide some background as to why you want to have this meeting, providing any relevant documents as necessary. This allows Monard Law to put you in contact with the right specialist, who then can look at your question in advance. During the meeting, the lawyer will be able to provide initial indicative advice and offer you pointers without wasting time.

Can I also set up an appointment at the offices of Monard Law?

No, appointments take place exclusively via video meeting. Monard Law will confirm your appointment within 24 hours by providing you with a link to the video meeting.

What happens if I need more than an hour?

If more time is required, the lawyer at Monard Law will first discuss with you how the consultation can move forward and how much this would cost.

Can I change my appointment after it's been paid for?

Are the dates you provided no longer feasible for some pressing reason? Then contact Monard Law by sending an e-mail to

Who do I contact with technical questions or problems?

You can contact our helpdesk on  016 43 25 30 or e-mail them at

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Help! My question isn’t listed here

If you have a specific question about our additional services, call the helpdesk on 016 43 25 30 or send an e-mail to Or look at 'Additional services - Individuals'.