How much cash are you allowed to receive from a customer?

How much cash are you allowed to receive from a customer?

When you have a business, you want to give your customers the option of paying in different ways, and cash is probably one of them.

But how much cash are you allowed to receive from a customer?

How much cash may I receive as payment?

You may receive a maximum of 3,000 euros in cash from a customer, regardless of how big the invoice amount is.

This arrangement applies to merchants, liberal professionals, farmers and market gardeners, and not-for-profit organisations.


cash geld ontvangen

You run a garage and a customer buys a used car from you for 2,999 euros (including VAT). In such a situation, your customer is permitted by law to pay the full amount in cash.

If the car costs 4,590 euros, the buyer may pay a maximum 3,000 euros in cash.

Thinking about splitting up your bills?

It is forbidden by law to split up the amount of a sale into different bills to get around the 3,000 euro limit.

When setting the limit of 3,000 euros, therefore, the total (invoice) amount is important and not the (partial) amount being paid in cash.

Payments that may not be made in cash

  • Property: cash may no longer be used for property sales (applies to buyers, sellers, private individuals and merchants)

  • Wages: wages have to be paid by funds transfer (an employee may not be paid in cash)

  • Copper cables bought by scrap dealers: cash payments are against the law for such transactions (applies to businesses and private individuals)

What happens if you break the rules for receiving cash payments?

If the Economic Inspection Board notices that you have committed an offence, you risk being fined. This applies equally to payments that you have made and to payments that you receive from your customers.

The fine can be as much as 10% of the cash amount improperly paid or received, with 1.800.000 euros being the maximum fine.

Both the seller and the buyer
can be held responsible for payment of the fine.

More information

Transferring cash to your bank account

When you receive cash payments from your customers, you may well end up with a load of euro coins or banknotes in your cash register at the end of the day or week. That money easily be conveniently put into your business account.

Letting your customers pay by card

By giving your customers the opportunity to pay by card as well, you avoid being left with too much cash at the end of the week.

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Not enough cash in your cash register

If you need more cash in your register, you can easily withdraw cash for your business.

Discover the possibilities and get started right away. You can request euro coins and banknotes online at KBC Brussels. You can also request foreign currency online.

Get ready for SCA by the end of 2020

Strong customer authentication (SCA) is making paying in European online stores safer. Is yours SCA-ready? 

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Deposit cash into your account

What can you do with small change (coins) and/or banknotes as a business owner? Pay it into your business account!
Deposit cash into your account

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