KBC Brussels Business PRO

Starting at 45 euros a year
  • Free personal account included
  • Keep your business and personal accounts separate
  • Open your account quickly and easily online (with itsme®) and start using it right away
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Why open a business account? 

Starting your own business or a second one? If so, you’ll need a business account. Not only does it enable you to keep an overview of your customers' payments, it also makes it very easy to pay your suppliers and keep your business and personal payments separate.
You'll also get access to our convenient online banking tools which allow you to manage your banking matters on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

A business account is required if your company has been registered. If you're a sole trader, a business account is not required, but it is recommended because it lets you keep your business and personal payments separate.

As soon as you carry out a personal transaction, the account used will be regarded as being part personal and part business. This means that the taxman  can also look into the account. In addition, it’ll take a lot of time and money to check each and every transaction on a personal (or mixed) account to see whether it was carried out for the company or for you personally. What’s more, your accountant will have to spend more time reconciling all that expenditure, which also costs money.

To make your life easier, KBC Brussels launched the KBC Brussels Twin Package Deal so that you can keep your personal and business banking separate, with the added advantage that it won’t cost you anything extra. It also comes with some benefits:

  • Deduct the full charge for our Twin Package Deal from your taxes
  • Switch conveniently between your personal and business accounts
  • Business current account
  • A free personal account. If you already have a KBC Brussels Plus Account at KBC Brussels, that account will automatically become free after you open your business account. If you have a business account and then open a KBC Brussels Plus Account, contact KBC Brussels Live to apply for the discount on your Plus Account. The staff in your branch or at KBC Brussels Live will be happy to tell you more about the discount and the terms and conditions applying to the KBC Brussels Twin Package Deal.
  • A KBC Brussels Debit Card
  • Unlimited manual and electronic transactions
  • Bank online with KBC Brussels Touch on your computer and tablet
  • Bank online with KBC Brussels Mobile on your smartphone

What costs are involved?

KBC Brussels Business PRO Account without credit card 45 euros a year
KBC Brussels Business PRO Account with a KBC Brussels Mastercard Business Essential Credit Card 60 euros a year
Extra KBC Brussels Debit Card 9 euros a year
Open your business account

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Open your business account