A complete solution for your subsidy applications

Subsidia@KBC Brussels

A complete solution for your subsidy applications

Subsidia@KBC Brussels

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Subsidia@KBC Brussels takes care of all the subsidies you’re entitled to

Improving the profitability of your business sometimes calls for investment. If you’re planning a project in Brussels, you’re probably entitled to subsidies. And that’s where Subsidia@KBC Brussels comes in. Our experts provide the advice and information you need to secure the subsidies that will get your project up and running. Applying for a subsidy can be complex, but our experts manage your application from start to finish.

Which investments can benefit from a subsidy?

General investments such:

  • Real estate
  • Works and facilities (installation/expansion)
  • Furniture, equipment, machinery, computers (hardware)
  • ...

Specific investments in aereas such as:

  • Compliance with standards (health, safety, quality)
  • On-site security (alarm, CCTV, shutters)
  • Accessibility (for people with reduced mobility, pushchairs, and the elderly)
  • Low-emission vehicles
  • Replacement of energy-intensive production equipment
  • ...

Consultations on topics such as:

  • Digitalisation, legal matters, commercial strategy, financial studies, etc.
  • Obtaining a quality label
  • Organic certification
  • ...

Training courses

These are just a few of the subsidies that Subsidia@KBC Brussels can help you secure.
If you would you like advice on obtaining subsidies, make an appointment and our experts will be happy to examine the options available to you.

What percentage of your investments or expenditure can be covered by subsidies?

For general investments, you could benefit from subsidies covering between 2.5% and 30% of your investment.

For specific investments, you could benefit from subsidies covering between 30% and 70% of your investment.

For consulting or training costs, you could benefit from subsidies covering between 25% and 80% of your investment.

The percentage subsidised consists of a base figure plus supplementary amounts, up to a maximum ceiling.

The subsidies you can receive depend on the following parameters:

  • the exemplary social and/or environmental characteristics of your business
  • the location of the investment in Brussels (inside or outside the Development Area)
  • the size of your business
  • the type of investment
  • whether your business is a start-up

What are exemplary characteristics?

This concept encourages businesses of all kinds to become more environmentally and/or socially responsible. It forms part of a comprehensive and innovative strategy for the Brussels-Capital Region which aims to guide and support Brussels-based businesses through the economic transition.
Three methods of demonstrating exemplary characteristics are:
  • holding a certification or label
  • receiving support from a recognised public scheme
  • encouraging socio-professional integration and training

What is the Development Area?

When it comes to subsidies, Brussels is divided into several areas:

  • the Development Area (in blue)
  • the rest of Brussels

If you are investing in the Development Area, you are entitled to a larger subsidy from the Brussels-Capital Region.

Be sure to submit your subsidy application well in advance of beginning your project

It’s important to apply for your subsidy before signing a purchase order, accepting a quote, or receiving or paying any invoices. You can’t obtain financial assistance for products or services you’ve already ordered or purchased.

What does Subsidia@KBC Brussels cost?

In exchange for complete management of the application process, Subsidia@KBC Brussels receives 7% of the subsidies awarded, with a minimum of 750 euros excluding VAT. Applications concerning subsidies for consulting, training or export are subject to a flat fee of 500 euros excluding VAT.

Make an appointment to find out what subsidies are available to you to help fund your investments/expenses in Brussels

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