An all-in-one solution for your grant application

Subsidia@KBC Brussels

An all-in-one solution for your grant application

Subsidia@KBC Brussels

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Subsidia@KBC Brussels, an all-in-one solution for your grant application

If you want your business to make a profit, you sometimes have to invest. Investing in a project in Brussels? Then you are certainly entitled to a grant. Subsidia@KBC Brussels can help you get it. Our experts can give you advice and information about possible subsidies for your project. Because applying for a grant can often be a time-consuming process, our experts are there to help you organise your application. From A to Z. Subsidia@KBC Brussels is an excellent way of making your future investments more affordable.

Investing in Brussels? Start off the right way

Say you're investing in a new branch of your company in Brussels. You could get a grant for that! You apply for a grant and have to fill in serveral forms. Because your diary is already full, you don't manage to fill in all those forms until the deadline has passed. So you don't get your grant. That's how about 50% of applicants fail to get their grant. 

In response, with Subsidia@KBC Brussels, KBC Brussels is launching a service that helps you get subsidies for your investments - from A to Z. So you don't have to worry about all the paperwork involved in this kind of application. 

How much can you receive in subsidies for your investments?

When you make a general investment, you can get grants coveringup to 30% of your expense. The subsidy is based on a basic subsidy combined with an additional subsidy, but the total must not exceed a maximum cap. The subsidy you could receive depends on:

  • where in Brussels you are investing
  • the size of your business
  • the type of investment you're making

Possible subsidy in figures

Maximum subsidy

Business Micro Small Medium
Outside development zone 15% 15% 7,5%
In development zone 30% 27,5% 20%


350.000 euros per calendar year  

Basic subsidy

Business Micro Small Medium
Outside development zone 5% 5% 2,5%
In development zone 15% 10% 10%

Additional subsidy

Employment Start-up, low-skilled workers, business expanding etc.
Economic policy Start-up, strategic sector, new branch etc.
Exemption from withholding tax Max. 5 years
Accelerated depreciation Max. 3 years

Investing in the Brussels development zone

You can see on the map that Brussels is divided into two zones: the development zone (the pink area) and the area outside the development zone. When you invest inside the development zone, you can expect to get plenty of financial support from the Brussels-Capital Region. 

Subsidia@KBC Brussels is there for large and small businesses

Subsidia@KBC Brussels is there for all businesses with projects in Brussels:

  • Microenterprises
  • Small enterprises
  • Medium-sized enterprises
  • Large enterprises

As a small enterprise or start-up, you receive more support than larger enterprises. However, you have to invest a minimum amount each time. For microenterprises, this is 15,000 euros, for small enterprises 30,000 euros and for medium-sized enterprises 100,000 euros.

Which investments qualify for a grant?

The Brussels Capital-Region makes a distinction between general investments and specific investments. If your investment comes under either of these categories, you're sure to qualify for a grant.

  • For instance, you make a general investment when you:
    • want to set up a new branch
    • want to start a new activity
    • want to expand an existing branch
    • want to buy a rented building
    • want to increase your surface area
  • For instance, you make a specific investment when you:
    • want to save energy and generate renewable energy
    • want to implement sustainable means of transport
    • want to improve the energy performance of production processes
    • want to implement a shuttle service
    • want to produce ecological products
    • want to comply with European environmental standards
    • want to comply with EU standards concerning quality, safety or hygiene

For those specific investements grants can be up to 45%.

Subsidia@KBC Brussels can also help you get lots of other subsidies e.g. for consultancy, training, export, recruitement and so on. Here the grants are often up to 50%.

Can't find your investment on the list? Take a look at our leaflet or make an appointment and our experts will look into the options for you.

Make sure you apply in time

It's important that you apply for your grant before you sign an offer or an order form or receive or pay an invoice. You're not entitled to financial support for products or services which you've already ordered or purchased.

What does Subsidia@KBC Brussels cost?

Subsidia@KBC Brussels charges 0.6% of your total subsidised amount with a minimum fee of 950 euros excluding VAT for the complete management of your application. For grant applications for consulting or training, you pay a flat fee of respectively 500 euros and 400 euros excluding VAT. A price well below that charged by advisers.

Make an appointment and find out how much support you can get for your investment in Brussels.

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