Wealth Management Expert for Businesses

The adviser for your company's assets

Wealth Management Expert for Businesses

The adviser for your company's assets

Free analysis and a personalised proposal

Our expert examines the fiscal and financial situation of your company at no charge.

Optimising both your personal and business capital

How do you make sure that your wealth grows? Our expert advises you on the basis of the situation regarding your personal wealth and business assets.

Three times the expertise for your company

Benefit from expert advice on the latest economic developments, investments and entrepreneurship.

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From idea to achievement: not as easy as it might appear

Perhaps you have surplus cash in your company and want to manage and structure it as efficiently as possible? Or maybe you just want to get the most from your money? Not surprising, considering the hours you've put in to earn it.

Maybe you have have your own ideas about what to do with your money, like investing it in your company or transferring it from your business to your personal wealth. Or maybe you don't. Either way, every idea comes with numerous questions and the answers are not always easy to find. If your question is very specific to your situation, even Google may not be able to help.

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Your liquid assets remain idle in the meantime

All those unanswered question and doubts start undermining your confidence and you stop looking for the best thing to do with your company's cash.

And that's economically unjustifiable. Every element within your company has to contribute positively to the final result, and that includes liquid assets. Therefore, putting cash surpluses you can do without in the short term into a savings account is not an option, as they'll simply lose value.

The Wealth Management Expert is on hand to provide advice

Looking to get the most from your cash surpluses? Our Wealth Management Expert for Businesses knows the answers like no one else and will provide free advice.

He will work closely with you and your accountant to find a solution for your assets that is in line with your company's strategy. His specific knowledge of wealth management, investing and structuring of assets perfectly supplements the know-how of the relationship managers and other business advisers.

Benefit from free advice

In which areas can the Wealth Management Expert help you?

The Wealth Management Expert for Businesses:

  • is specially trained in the area of wealth management
  • consults with your trusted contact person (for instance, your accountant)
  • calls upon the help of other experts at KBC Brussels, such as specialised SME advisers, insurance specialists, etc.
  • analyses why surplus cash has arisen
  • finds out what type of investor you are by examining your risk profile and objectives
  • looks for the solution that is best suited to your situation
  • provides well-considered advice

After carry out an analysis, he identifies your objectives and provides free advice on getting the most from your company's cash. As your personal and business capital are inextricably linked, the expert scrutinises them both.

Why get in touch with the Wealth Management Expert?

Want your personal wealth and business assets to be managed and structured in such a way to get the most out of them? Or perhaps you're convinced that investing your cash surpluses is the best way to grow them? Whatever your preferences, the Wealth Management Expert for Businesses is always on hand to advise you at no charge and without obligation!

No minimum amounts or minimum requirements apply for arranging a meeting. So, don't hesitate to leave your details with us and our expert will contact you about setting up a meeting at a time and place of your choosing.

Get help from a Wealth Management Expert for Businesses

Get help from a Wealth Management Expert for Businesses

Make optimum use of the dividend received deduction (DRD)

  • Dividends exempt from tax
  • An alternative to individual shares
  • Fund managers take care of tracking
Make optimum use of the dividend received deduction (DRD)

Call 32 Business Account

  • Combines a savings account with a term investment
  • No management fee or entry charge
  • Cash accessible at any time
Call 32 Business Account
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