• Optimal debtor management
  • You can get an advance of 75% to 85% on your receivables
  • Insolvency risk cover
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What is factoring?

As a self-employed company manager, you know better than anyone else that your company needs working capital. Working capital is used to pay your suppliers on time, purchase stocks, pay salaries and so on, and is often replenished by client payments.

However, as a self-employed person you give your clients the option of only paying invoices 30 days after purchase (or even later), which means that your working capital can decline. And waiting for working capital can cause difficulties.

You can avoid this with 'factoring'. With factoring, KBC Brussels takes care of your outstanding invoices for you.
We make things easy for you with our ComFin Touch web app, letting you send us details of your open invoices online. If required, we’ll then immediately provide you with an advance payment of up to 85% of the amount on the outstanding invoice.

As soon as KBC Brussels receives your outstanding invoice, up to 85% of the outstanding amount will be deposited into your business account (if required). Subsequently, KBC Brussels will provide a quick and professional follow-up with the client. That means that you don't need to waste any more time on the administrative follow-up of your invoices. As soon as the invoice is paid by the client, KBC Brussels will immediately transfer the amount to you (minus any advance payment you may have already received).

Quick and flexible growth financing

  • Lower financing costs compared to conventional short-term loans
  • No extra guarantees
  • No financing ceiling

Credit management support

  • Payments arranged more quickly
  • More working capital available
  • Variability of salary costs

Insolvency risk cover

  • 100% cover for invoices within the approved insurance limits
  • Efficient payment after 100 days with minimal administration
  • Continuity, profit and liquidity no longer dependent on the financial quality of your clients

Did you also opt for 'insolvency risk cover' because you don't want to run the risk of one of your clients going bankrupt? If so, KBC Brussels will pay out the integral sum insured no later than 100 days after the due date of the relevant unpaid invoice.

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