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Looking to finance your car or car fleet?

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How do I finance my company car?

Most business owners cannot imagine professional life without a company car anymore. After all, it’s important for someone who runs a business to be mobile. Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy, lease or rent a company car, KBC Brussels can offer a bespoke solution to finance your car or car fleet. Each package has its own benefits.

Financing your car or car fleet using your own funds is inadvisable due to the high cost. Taking out a loan to this end is a more attractive option because it allows you to spread the cost. On top of that, it’s tax-deductible.

To find out which type of credit is best suited to your needs, we’ve provided a detailed comparison of five different options:

Investment Credit Finance lease Renting

Minimum credit amount

1,250 EUR excl. VAT 9,000 EUR excl. VAT 9,000 EUR excl. VAT


2 to 5 years 2 to 5 years 2 to 5 years

Interest rate

Fixed Fixed Fixed

Pre-financing of VAT


Can be drawn down in instalments or in one lump sum


Monthly Monthly Monthly

Residual value

By default 4% By default 16%

Purchase option

Administrative work

Credit can be drawn down online via KBC Brussels Touch and/or KBC Brussels Business Dashboard Carried out by KBC Lease Carried out by KBC Lease

Accounting treatment

On the balance sheet: capitalisation and depreciation On the balance sheet: capitalisation and depreciation On the income statement: booked as expense
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Full-Service Car Leasing – a comprehensive solution for all of your mobility needs

If you’d like an all-in formula with no operational or administrative worries for a fixed monthly lease payment, a Full-Service Car Leasing contract is the perfect choice. A Full-Service Lease Car is a comprehensive solution for your mobility needs. 

Learn more about Full-Service Car Leasing