All websites of KBC Brussels

All websites of KBC Brussels

Private Persons

For all your financial and insurance business

Private Banking

Pooled expertise for a bespoke service to you and your wealth (1 million euros and higher)


For the self-employed, members of the liberal professions, and SMEs whose turnover is no higher than 15,000,000 euros

Corporate Banking

For companies with a turnover of over 15,000,000 euros

KBC Brussels

For private persons, expats, the self-employed, liberal professions, and SMEs in Brussels.

KBC Group

This website provides general, non-commercial information about our group (press releases, annual reports, etc.)


KBC Lease Group

Commercial Finance

At KBC Commercial Finance, we operate in a B2B environment, catering not only for SMEs with a turnover of at least 500,000 euros, but also for stock quoted companies

Real Estate

Your professional partner for the financing or securitisation of your real estate projects

Asset Management

Expertise in investment solutions for your assets

Public Banking

For federal and regional governments, state-owned businesses and supranational institutions

Financial Institutions

For financial institutions looking for strategic advisory and capital raising services.


Invest with Bolero


Take a quick look at our vacancies and see how well you match with KBC Brussels.

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