Patrick is a property developer

Real-estate projects with a view to the future

Patrick is a property developer

Real-estate projects with a view to the future

Patrick already has five large real estate projects to his name in Brussels. He has no shortage of enthusiasm: with his forward-thinking approach he hopes to help shape the face of Brussels.

Future-oriented construction

'I know that property developers are sometimes regarded with suspicion,' begins Patrick, 'but I genuinely believe in the added value of our projects. I want to be progressive in every way. I place a lot of importance on the architecture of the building, how it interacts with its environment and its appearance.' Above all, Patrick wants to build with the future in mind. 'That means building standards and energy efficiency, of course, but I'm also talking about forms of community and a vision for the city.'

Shooting the breeze

KBC Brussels is always ready to help shape Patrick's plans. KBC Brussels has its own property cel with experts specialising in professional real estate. They are fully up-to-date with recent legislation and they know Brussels very well, so they know what's happening in the Brussels real estate sector. Patrick: 'To be honest, I really like visiting the branch just to shoot the breeze, purely because I think we are on the same wavelength. I just don't have time to do it very often,' he laughs.

The KBC Brussels property team and I are on the same wavelength.

Patrick (39)

On-site insurance

KBC Brussels also support Patrick's projects by offering the right insurance. Specific insurance policies for on the construction site, for example, as well as policies for him and his staff. That includes health and accident insurance, insurance against incapacity for work, and non-statutory benefits. 'I also entrust the management of my funding mix to their care with complete peace of mind,' adds Patrick. 'A healthy mix of external funding and our own capital and reserves is extremely important in my sector. KBC Brussels have tons of experience in this area.' Together, they look at the project funding and liquid assets, and find solutions tailored to Patrick's project. In the meantime, Patrick can focus completely on his next real estate dream with views over the city.

What can KBC Brussels do for you?

Chamber of Commerce

Are you an entrepreneur in Brussels? We work with local organisations and advisory bodies to give you the best possible assistance.

Catherine has her own veterinary practice

"KBC Brussels helped me submit my grant application – I found that very surprising for a bank."


Companies in Brussels need solutions designed for Brussels. Our branches are ready to help local entrepreneurs.

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