Olivier is a lawyer and partner

Brussels firm, through and through

Olivier is a lawyer and partner

Brussels firm, through and through

Olivier is a founding partner of a law firm. With the help of KBC Brussels, he not only recently found a larger office in Brussels but was also able to secure his future growth.

A feel for Brussels

Olivier is a family lawyer and senior partner in a firm that he founded in 1998. His team now consists of six lawyers. 'We are a Brussels firm, through and through,' says Olivier enthusiastically. 'All of our people live in Brussels, and the majority of our clients also come from the capital. As lawyers, we often come up against very specific rules within Brussels. My relationship manager at KBC Brussels says that it's exactly the same for the banking business.'


Olivier's firm recently moved to a bigger office building. Their ambitious dream became a reality with the help of KBC Brussels, as Olivier explains: 'We received extremely well-founded advice about the various structures so we could purchase the real estate that offered us the best future possibilities. That means our growth is secured for the years to come.'

KBC Brussels sees me not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a person, and their solutions take both aspects into account.

Olivier (52)

Advice across the board

Within the law firm, KBC Brussels set up a number of pillars for added security. 'That includes not just things you might expect, such as pension savings and group insurance policies,' adds Olivier, 'but also investments within our company, for example.'

Olivier appreciates his bank's personal and integrated approach: 'The solutions for my firm are well adapted to my personal situation. The specialists at KBC Brussels see me as a lawyer, but also as a person. That's why I rely on their advice for my personal stock portfolio too.'


KBC Brussels offers proactive support in planning for the future. After all, this is absolutely essential for entrepreneurs – even if it is not always easy.

Olivier: 'The experts at KBC Brussels sat down with me to look at how we could guarantee the continuity of the firm. I am not planning to stop for a long time yet, but I already wanted to have some solutions to ensure that the firm I have established can continue independently. After all, being an entrepreneur means always looking ahead.'

What can KBC Brussels do for you?

Laurent the chocolatier

"Brussels is quirky on all levels. We at KBC Brussels understand that."

Guy is a company manager

"My company is expanding very quickly, and KBC Brussels’ know-how offers me certainty in turbulent times."

Catherine has her own veterinary practice

"KBC Brussels helped me submit my grant application – I found that very surprising for a bank."

Patrick is a property developer

"The KBC Brussels property team and I are on the same wavelength."