Guy is a company manager

Top-level interim IT consultants

Guy is a company manager

Top-level interim IT consultants

Guy's company is headquartered in Brussels, but his team of 30 IT managers carry out assignments across the whole country. His services are expanding rapidly, and KBC Brussels is supporting his company in its growth.

Growth spurt

'Things have suddenly picked up for us,' explains Guy with a broad grin. His company specialises in interim IT managers. 'Our clients are large companies with staff members on long-term leave of absence, or where a temporary but large IT project needs to be set up.'

Guy's company has already been running for ten years, so he knows the ropes, but he has recently been faced with a lot of new challenges. 'We have built something of a name for ourselves, and this is reflected in the number of requests we are getting,' he explains proudly. 'I am working flat out to hire new people, but I can scarcely keep up with demand.'

My company is expanding very quickly, and KBC Brussels’ know-how offers me certainty in turbulent times.

Guy (47)

New challenges

Guy says it is 'a lucky problem to have,' but at the same time he can see that this rapid growth brings a whole host of new challenges. 'I rely heavily on KBC Brussels to organise my cash flow, for example,' he explains. 'They help me look at how many liquid assets I need to deal with future shocks. It's especially important to monitor that closely during periods of growth.'

Always fully informed

Guy is also a keen user of Isabel, a software application that allows you to manage all of your business accounts. 'I have an accountant, of course, but I always like to be fully informed of my account balances. I do that via Isabel and Touch. The fact that I can also exchange payment and account information between Isabel and our accounting software makes it particularly attractive.'

Growing together

Guy is unambiguous: 'KBC Brussels is more than a bank to me. My relationship manager was right by my side from the very earliest days of my company. That means he understands us through and through. His counsel and approach enabled us to evolve, not forgetting his invaluable advice on the grants we got to expand and develop the business – that was the real cherry on the cake.'

For example, KBC Brussels helped to organise the non-statutory benefits when Guy began to recruit more staff. 'The fact that KBC Brussels has a thorough understanding of the financial side of my business means that their advice is always well-founded,' adds Guy. 'The options for leasing were also explained to me in detail, for example.'

What can KBC Brussels do for you?

Catherine has her own veterinary practice

"KBC Brussels helped me submit my grant application – I found that very surprising for a bank."

Chamber of Commerce

Are you an entrepreneur in Brussels? We work with local organisations and advisory bodies to give you the best possible assistance.

Marie sells jewellery

"KBC Brussels really helped me on my way to becoming an entrepreneur in Brussels."


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