Christophe has a job in the media

Security for the future

Christophe has a job in the media

Security for the future

Christophe (42) has a demanding job in the media sector. His wife is a scientific researcher. With the help of KBC Brussels, they looked for solutions to offer their two children as much security as possible for the future and to prepare for a time when they might want to take things easier.

Career and family

As soon as he graduated, Christophe started working for a large advertising agency. He met his wife while she was still doing her doctorate. They now have two teenagers growing up fast at home, and Christophe has moved from advertising to the media.

'My wife and I are both passionate about our jobs, and we can sometimes completely lose ourselves in them. But having two teenagers at home changes your perspective. We want to help them as far as possible to set up their own lives further down the road. We have also started thinking about our pensions and how we can maintain our current standard of living.'

The fact that we have security for the future allows us to enjoy the present a lot more.

Christophe (42)

Security for later in life

Christophe discussed these issues with his relationship manager Catherine. He wanted to have greater security for unforeseen circumstances, a nest egg for his children's studies, and a supplementary pension scheme with the necessary buffers.

Based on their conversation, Catherine set up a systematic savings and investment plan that was precisely tailored to Christophe's specific situation. 'A lot of things came out of that conversation that we hadn't even thought about,' he explains. 'Catherine has been working with us for quite a few years now, and we feel a lot more secure about our future as a result.'

What really counts

KBC Brussels helps Christophe with wealth management and planning. The advice they provide on insurance also offers greater security. That allows Christophe to continue to focus on his career and his family. 'I had definitely underestimated how much more you can enjoy the present if you feel secure about your future,' he concluded.

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