Caroline is an employee

New adventure in the capital

Caroline is an employee

New adventure in the capital

Caroline remained in the capital after finishing her studies in marketing. She found her first job and a place of her own in Brussels, after which she bought an apartment close to the lively Dansaert quarter.

Staying on

'I grew up in East Flanders, but as a student I fell in love with the unique character of Brussels. There is always something going on in this bustling city. When I found a job after completing my course, I didn't hesitate for a second: I wanted to stay here.'

'My first contact with KBC Brussels was very practical,' explains Caroline 'I needed an account for my salary, a bank card and a credit card.' She clicked with the company straight away. 'The staff members really thought about my situation. They explained all the benefits of the mobile banking app, for example, so I could easily manage my budget anywhere.'

A place of her own

Caroline quickly began looking for her first home. 'KBC Brussels offered useful advice here too. It was all new to me, but together we quickly budgeted for the security deposit and removal costs.'

After a few years of saving and a great promotion, Caroline decided to buy an apartment of her own in Brussels. 'My eye was immediately caught by an apartment in need of renovation near the wonderful Dansaert quarter.' But buying a home is a big step and requires specific knowledge, especially in a big city like Brussels. 

KBC Brussels knows every inch of the capital, and it's partly thanks to them that I have found my own way too.

Caroline (30)

A new adventure

'The advisers at KBC Brussels understand the real estate market and are familiar with real estate values,' says Caroline. 'Together, we considered what home loan would suit me based on my income and fixed costs.'

'The expertise of KBC Brussels also came in handy on an administrative level,' explains Caroline. 'They understand the characteristics, the insurance premiums and local grants of every neighbourhood.' KBC Brussels carried out a free and complete survey of the possible risks and suggested the necessary insurance policies. As a result, Caroline could embark on her new adventure with full peace of mind.

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