Free savings account for your child

KBC Brussels Savings Account

Free savings account for your child

KBC Brussels Savings Account

Why open a savings account for your child?

A bulging piggy bank for later

With a KBC Brussels Savings Account, you can save at your own pace and build up a tidy little nest egg for your little treasure. The account is in your child's name, which is ideal when a birthday or other special occasion comes around and family and friends want to make gifts of money.


Besides what family and friends deposit, you can set aside a larger amount in one go, add smaller amounts (from time to time) or save regularly by means of an automatic savings order. Basically, you are the one who decides how much and how often you save for your child.

Control of the savings

You can access the money on the savings account whenever you want and it earns interest on the account right up until the money is made available to the child.

Opening a savings account for your child

You can only open a savings account in the name of your child if you are the parent. If you're a grandparent or godparent and would like to put something aside for your pride and joy, you can always open a KBC Brussels Tall Oaks Savings Account.

Benefits of this savings account at a glance

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  • Saves on tax
    Individuals are exempt from withholding tax (currently 15%) on the first 980 euros of interest earned each year (2021 figure).
  • Free savings account
    We won’t charge you for opening and managing the account for you.
  • Risk
    Your entire deposits with KBC Bank up to a maximum of 100,000 euros per person are guaranteed subject to certain conditions. In the event of the KBC Bank's insolvency (e.g., if it goes into bankruptcy), you run the risk of losing any deposits you have over 100,000 euros, or their amount could be reduced or converted into shares. You can obtain a copy of our Protection of deposits and financial instruments in Belgium brochure from your KBC Brussels branch or from
  • Constant availability
    A KBC Brussels Savings Account is an open-ended product. The funds on your savings account can be withdrawn at any time and without charge.

Earnings on your savings account

These interest rates are gross and annualised and are subject to change at any time. The withholding tax is 15%. Current rates are always given here or can be obtained from your KBC Brussels branch. If rates change, we will inform account holders of this on their statements of account.

Base rate of interest


Savings earn interest at the base rate from the very first calendar day following the transaction date, and cease to earn interest from the calendar day on which they are withdrawn.

Fidelity bonus


The fidelity bonus is awarded for amounts that remain on the savings account for 12 full, consecutive months. If money is withdrawn or transferred from the account, the accruing fidelity bonuses whose acquisition date is furthest in the future will be the first to be ended. However, for the first three transfers per year to another regulated savings account held with KBC Brussels, there is a pro rata transfer of the fidelity bonus, provided the following conditions are met

  • The two savings accounts have at least one holder who is the same person and
  • Each transfer is for at least 500 euros and
  • The funds are not transferred by standing order or automatic savings order

This means that the current 12-month calculation period is not interrupted but continues running on the beneficiary savings account. Therefore, the fidelity bonus is likewise only awarded on amounts that are held, in this case, on two or more savings accounts for 12 consecutive months.

Regulated savings account

The KBC Brussels Savings Account is a regulated savings account offered by KBC Bank NV, Belgium. It is governed by the laws of Belgium.

Learn more

Learn more

Before opening a savings account with us, be sure to read our key information for savers document.

You can submit any complaints you may have to, tel. 016 432 594 and/or to

How much should you save each month?

Whatever you're saving for, it pays to put money aside on a regular basis