Choose your wearable

Pay using your watch, ring, key ring or bracelet

Choose your wearable

Pay using your watch, ring, key ring or bracelet

Ready to pick your wearable? Every device we offer lets you pay contactless your way.

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How to order a wearable

  1. Go to the retailer’s website to see their extensive product range and order the wearable of your choice. When you place your order, you’ll need to enter your KBC Brussels Debit Card details (card number and expiry date) so the retailer can link the payment feature to your wearable. Your card number has 17 digits and starts with 6703.

  2. Use one of the available payment methods like Bancontact or Mastercard to buy your wearable. You'll then get an e-mail from the retailer confirming your purchase. Note that some retailers will ask you to pay first before providing your details.

  3. Your personalised order will be prepared and sent by post (the wearable’s payment function will not have been activated yet, so everything remains safe and secure).

  4. Unbox your wearable and follow the instructions you received with it to activate it in KBC Brussels Mobile.
Want to order a wearable for your teenager? Simply follow the steps above and enter their KBC Brussels Debit Card details at step 2.
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