Say hello to KBC Brussels K'Ching

Discover the ideal mobile banking app for young people

Say hello to KBC Brussels K'Ching

Discover the ideal mobile banking app for young people

Pimp your app

Choose one of the colourful themes, load photos of your friends and make it your own unique app.

Clear and simple

KBC Brussels K'Ching focuses on functions that are important to young people, such as the ability to quickly and easily check account balances, transfer money and view transaction records.

Security first and foremost

Security is paramount for KBC Brussels K'Ching. The only way you can open the app is by entering a unique PIN. All data is transferred over a secure connection.

Your app, the way you want it

Download K’Ching, KBC’s new app for young people.

Imagine there was a mobile banking app specially designed for young people. An easy-to-use app that you can fully pimp and that provides useful info on banking matters. Just what you've been looking for!

If that ticks your boxes, be sure to download KBC Brussels K'Ching, the brand-new mobile banking app for young people over 12 years old. The app has a colourful design that you can pimp with the help of fun themes. Each theme comes with a buddy all of its own. And not just any old buddy. They include a sci-fi robot, a winking water melon and a mean wolf!

To make hassle-free transfers, just add the details of your friends and family to the app's contact list. If you have a neat photo of your friends or got a funny nickname for them, add those too and create your very own personalised list.

Simplicity to the fore

Your buddy will help you with your transactions and share useful tips and facts on secure banking, on money matters and simply on being young.

KBC Brussels K'Ching stands out for its ease of use. Only items that are relevant to you are dealt with, such as transferring money and checking balances and transaction records.


Bank on the go with KBC Brussels K'Ching, the new app for young people.

KBC Brussels K'Ching is a secure app for mobile banking. Data is transferred over a secure connection at all times. Your payment limits are also a form of protection when banking online. And if your device remains idle for a fixed amount of time during a banking session, we will break the connection and ask you to log in to the app again using a five-digit PIN known only to you. All these measures have been designed with your security in mind.

Getting started with KBC Brussels K'Ching

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