Your solution: let the experts make my investments

You invest in sustainable because you care about man and his environment

Your solution: let the experts make my investments

You invest in sustainable because you care about man and his environment

Going for socially responsible investments? No worries!

Invest according to your convictions and your vision. With consideration for man and his environment.

Leave it to our experts to do the work

Daily care of your investment assets is entrusted into the capable hands of specialist fund managers, whose task it is to see that your money is best placed to produce the results you intend for it.

Digital and mobile

We see to it that you have ready access to investment advice.

According to the investor test, you want to invest, but not just in anything. Which is why your preference lies in socially responsible investments. You'd sooner place the tasks of managing and following up on your investment funds in the hands of specialist experts.

And that's what makes KBC Brussels the right choice for you with its KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service.

Below, we draw your attention to those of our services we think accommodate the priorities we discern from your test result,
including full details of our Easy Invest service.

Going for socially responsible investments? No worries!

Socially responsible investments have a positive influence on every aspect of the environment and society. You invest in companies and countries that have been put through a stringent selection procedure.

They each have socially responsible goals, have earned their stripes up to here; they now think with an eye to the future and are transparent in communicating on the progress they make.

Research by KBC Brussels and from independent bodies shows that, in the long term, you can expect a socially responsible investment to generate a return in line with the market that need not fall short of what is earned on similar, investment funds witha more-'classic' make-up.

That's because sustainable companies and countries produce quality. They have a strong, clear, long-term vision and consider carefully before deciding. As an investor, you can share in the benefits of that.

Leave it to our experts to do the work

You don't need to leave the comfort of your home to get started. That's because everything is fully digital and mobile.

The funds you invest in are actively managed. That means that the routine investment decisions for the fund are taken by specialist fund managers.

They're quick to react to opportunities, but never lose sight of the risks in their pursuit of a well-considered strategy that ensures your money's always s best placed to produce the results you intend for it. You don't need to do anything!

With the KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service, you receive

  • a useful overview in KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile of how your ExpertEase investments are performing
  • an annual report with a clear review of the past year
  • newsflashes about the markets and how they impact your fund
  • invitations to webinars where we explain our approach and answer your questions

And what does it cost?

The KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service is entirely free of charge. You pay nothing aside from the usual charge made for your chosen investment funds. Entry charges for investment funds are generally set at 2 to 3.5%.

Check out the key investor information document for exact details of your selected funds' charges. Or pick one up at your local KBC Brussels branch.

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Only certain funds are available under the KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service offering. A list is available from our advisers. You can invest in the form of a fund holding or class 23 investment-type insurance (or combine the two).

'Investment fund’ here means a sub-fund of an open-ended investment company under Belgian or Luxembourg law, or a common or mutual fund. Class 23 investment-type insurance (unit-linked life insurance) is the generic term given to life insurance under which the premiums are invested in one or more investment funds without there being any guaranteed return. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, your adviser will be glad to explain in less technical jargon.