Discretionary investment

With KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service (Extra) managed by our experts on your behalf

Discretionary investment

With KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service (Extra) managed by our experts on your behalf

Investment made easy

No time or wish to manage your investments? We will make the effort on your behalf.

Specialist fund managers will do the work for you

Our experts will manage your investment funds in the best possible way, every day. You will remain involved at all times.

Investment services that are tailored to your needs

Choose the service that suits your wishes and needs best.

If you find investments too hard or if you do not have the time or the wish to make those decisions yourself, KBC Brussels has exactly what you need. Investment requires expertise. No one knows that more than we do.

How can you have your money invested for you?

KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service (Extra) allows you to invest your money in an investment fund. Our experts will lead the way. They will look after your investment fund(s)* every day.

While you can just monitor your investments, without having to worry about them. Whenever you want, thanks to the convenient KBC Brussels apps for your smartphone, tablet and computer. You will receive a detailed live video reports on the performance of your funds directly from your specialist fund manager at KBC Brussels.

Which Easy Invest Service should you choose?

You can choose from two services to have your money invested for you: the Easy Invest Service and the Easy Invest Service Extra. Specialised fund managers will look after your investment funds under either contract.

The Easy Invest Service Extra goes one step further to gain a broader perspective on your assets. Our experts will consider your assets from various angles, such as the financial preparation of your pension or inheritance. The service will help you answer the following questions:

  • How do I approach my legacy?
  • How can I give my partner the best financial protection in the event of my death?
  • What is the best time to give my children some financial support?

What is included?

      KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service Extra
Investments managed by experts 
Always up to date with apps and video reports
A broad perspective on your assets (pension,
inheritance planning)
Credit card
  KBC Gold Credit Card
  Learn more Learn more

Not sure whether this is the right investment style for you? Take the investor test here.

*The KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service (Extra)  is available for a specific selection of funds. A list is available from our advisers. You can invest in the form of an investment fund and/or a unit-linked 23 investment-type insurance policy. The term ‘investment fund’ refers to a sub-fund of an open-ended investment company under Belgian or Luxembourg law, or a mutual fund. Class 23 investment-type insurance (unit-linked life insurance) is the generic term given to life insurance in which the premiums are invested in one or more investment funds without any guarantee of a return.

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