New in KBC Brussels Invest

New in KBC Brussels Invest

We keep improving KBC Brussels Invest

Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions you've sent us since launching KBC Brussels Invest, which has really helped us make it even better! Check out the latest KBC Brussels Invest features now.

And keep those great suggestions coming! We'd love to hear from you at Let us know what you think and help us continue to improve our digital services.

New in KBC Brussels Invest since September 2016

Themes and products in the spotlight

See our pick of products and themes from our broad range that fit our outlook for the financial markets.
Talk to and get advice from our wealth management advisers and even place investment orders by text or video chat, including outside office hours.

New in KBC Brussels Invest since November 2016

Log in from KBC Brussels Touch

Access KBC Brussels Invest right from KBC Brussels Touch so you only need to log in there once to also see your investments.

Export and save at-a-glance views of your investments

Export and save investment reports you request.

Personalise your portfolio view

Drag and drop your various portfolios where you want them or ask your branch to remove a portfolio if you'd rather not see it.

Log in using KBC Brussels Sign

Use our KBC Brussels Sign app to log in to KBC Brussels Invest quickly and securely, and also be able to make fast and secure payments and log in to KBC Brussels Touch. Learn more about our KBC Brussels Mobile app now.

Make appointments easily

Conveniently make an appointment right from the contact page accessible from the menu. 

If you have a problem with KBC Brussels Invest, call 016 43 25 10. The KBC Brussels Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Why invest in shares

Why invest in shares

You receive higher than average returns than with other investment products. Although, there are certain risks and you must have some understanding of the financial markets.
Investment strategy of Shareholders

Investment strategy of Shareholders

The KBC Brussels investment strategy explained.
Invest as a beginner

Invest as a beginner

  • Clear & concise pointers
  • Useful tips from financial experts
  • Download a free guide
Class 21 products

Class 21 products

Looking for class 21 savings insurance? Well, look no further than the wide selection offered by KBC Brussels.