Detailed analysis of my investments

Detailed analysis of my investments

Development of portfolio value

Monitor changes in the value of your portfolio over the past year.

You can see the exact value of your portfolio at different points in time by clicking the relevant month.

Risk analysis

This screen shows the portfolio rating, the equity exposure and the concentration risk of your portfolio.

The balloon marks the position of your portfolio.

Spread of your portfolio

Compare the spread of your portfolio with that of your target portfolio at any time.

If you click on an asset class in the diagram, you'll see how much you have invested in that asset class.

The outside ring illustrates how much the target portfolio would invest in an asset class.

The green part shows how much you've actually invested.

Overview of cash flows

See the expected capital flows from your investments going forward up to ten years using the maturity calendar. 

Details of cash flows

Select a year to see details of expected capital flows as well as dividends and coupons.

Pension saving

This overview allows you to monitor the pension savings and long-term savings products held by you and your partner.

Overview of investment plans

See all your investment plans in one place.

Details of investment plans

View details of a selected investment plan and do things like find the term, automatic orders and funds you invest in.