Asset overview

KBC Brussels Invest for Easy Invest Service clients

Asset overview

KBC Brussels Invest for Easy Invest Service clients

Wondering how your investments are doing? The start screen gives you a general overview of your assets. For more detailed information, however, all you have to do is tap or click through on the page in question. In the end, it's you who decides how much information is displayed.

Other investments

This screen gives you a general overview of all your assets:

  • How your entire portfolio is put together and the amount of assets invested in KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds
  • How all of your assets have performed over the past year, including your KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds

For more detailed information, tap or click ‘Overview of KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds’. You can see details of any other investments you hold under ‘Other investments’.

Other investments

  • Under ‘per position’, you see a list of all the investments in your portfolio, including your KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds, savings accounts and other investments
  • Under ‘per account holder’, you see another list with all your investments, but with a different structure (by account holder, by contract and by security)

KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase overview

  • Under ‘in images’, you get an at-a-glance view of how your KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds are doing
  • Under ‘in figures’, you can display an extensive overview of your returns. If you have invested in more than one KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase fund, you can retrieve the individual performances here
  • Under ‘in words’, the fund manager reports on the performance of your fund(s)

KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds in images

Tap or click ‘in images’ to get detailed information on how your funds are performing and to compare their performance at different moments in time.

KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds in figures

Select ‘in figures’ to retrieve detailed information on performances, unit quantities and prices, as well as details of your buy and sell transactions.

KBC Brussels (Life) ExpertEase funds in words

Tap or click 'in words' to see:

  • A monthly report from the fund managers
  • Details of what the the fund managers do
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