Enjoy life more with Happy@Home


Enjoy life more with Happy@Home

Enjoy more free time and less stress

Leave your domestic chores and odd jobs to others and so you can do the things you enjoy! Domestic help services are paid for using service vouchers, so you get a tax break into the bargain!

Get helped by professionals

A comfort coach helps you with your applications and highly trained staff enthusiastically provide you with tip-top service!

Manage applications easily

Apply for and manage services online anytime, anywhere and get billed through Cubigo.

Bye-bye bustle and busyness

You’re all too familiar with the situation... working hard each day at your job, looking after your family and then doing the housekeeping. It’s not surprising you sometimes long for more time to relax and do the things you like doing, such as working out in the gym, spending quality time with your family, or just sitting down quietly and reading a good book. Unfortunately, you just never seem to have the time to do it...

Happy@Home to the rescue!

What is Happy@Home?

Happy@Home lets you easily get domestic-help, odd-job and other services through our partners Clixxs.

Services you use are financed with the reserve built up under the life insurance linked to your Happy@Home contract. Domestic services are paid for using tax-deductible service vouchers. The services are provided by Clixxs.

You order and manage services easily online using Cubigo, through which you’re also billed. You make payment through our online banking service, KBC Brussels Touch. Cubigo lets you get services anytime you want and wherever you are on your computer or tablet. Cubigo cannot be used on a smartphone.

You pay an annual charge to access Happy@Home.

Making life easier for you by giving you online access to services doesn’t mean impersonal though. When you order services, you’re always called by a comfort coach to confirm your appointments. The work itself is done with care and enthusiasm by motivated specialists.

Services to fit your needs

Happy@Home lets you get help around the house or in your garden for just as long as you want it. Meanwhile, you have more leisure time for the fun stuff in life and to relax in a home that makes you happy!
Check out all we offer you!

Domestic help

Household helpers you pay with service vouchers, that's possible with Happy@Home!

Puuur is the organisation behind this service and a top team of household helpers!

Your regular domestic help is there to relieve you of household chores:

  • Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Washing
  • Shopping
  • Cooking

The domestic help team are trained specialists who will happily help you with just the services you need. Wouldn’t you love to come back to a spotlessly clean home with all the chores done? Not only that, but you also reap the tax benefits of service vouchers that end up giving you the work done for less.


With Happy@Home your garden will be kept in perfect condition.

Have a garden but not the green fingers to go with it? Don’t have the time or right equipment to work in your patch of green?

Clixxs’s gardeners will maintain it for you and do more besides, like:

  • Grass sowing and mowing
  • Scarifying
  • Weeding
  • Leaf removal
  • Pruning
  • Digging 
  • Cleaning patio and gutters
  • Sprinkling salt and clearing snow

Well-trained, motivated and reliable service providers are ready to happily help you with your specific needs.

Odd jobs

The ONS team ensures a safe and comfortable home!

Looking for help with repairs to your home? Clixxs has a multi-faceted team of specialists to help make your home safe and secure with all the basic comforts as they should be.
That includes:

  • Small electrical jobs in and around the home (lights, power sockets, etc.)
  • Small plumbing jobs in and around the home (water supply, drains, taps, toilet, etc.)
  • Small painting and wallpapering jobs in and around the home
  • Attic clearances

The Clixxs odd jobs team is well trained, motivated and reliable. With them, it’s service with a smile and the greatest of care!

Getting started with Happy@Home is easy!

Want more comfort and free time with Happy@Home? Make an appointment with your KBC Brussels branch to sign up today.

Already have Happy@Home? Get started now with our handy guide hereunder. 

You'll need KBC Brussels Touch to pay for services. Touch makes online banking on your computer or tablet easy and secure. Learn more about KBC Brussels Touch

Activating your Happy@Home account

Here’s how to activate your Happy@Home account in just a few easy steps.

1. Register on the Cubigo website

  • Go to the Cubigo website
  • Enter your details, choose a password and hit 'Next'

2. Confirm your registration

You’ll then receive an e-mail from Cubigo.

  •     Follow the link in the e-mail to confirm registration

Tip: If you can’t find the e-mail, check your spam folder.

3. Log in to your Happy@Home account

You’ll now be brought to the Happy@Home login page.

  • Enter your e-mail and password and hit ‘Log in’
  • Hit ‘Activate my Happy@Home account’

4. Log in to KBC Brussels Touch

You’ll be brought to the KBC Brussels Touch login screen.

  •   Log in to activate your Happy@Home account

Don’t use KBC Brussels Touch yet? No problem! You can easily log in with your debit card and card reader or on your smartphone.

5. That's you registered

Your Happy@Home account has been activated and you can order services right away.

Ordering services

1. Log in to the Cubigo website

  • Go to the Cubigo website
  • Enter your e-mail address and password
  • Hit the Happy@Home logo

2. Choose services

  • Hit 'Order services'

You'll be shown available services for:

  1. Domestic help
  2. Grardening
  3. Odd jobs
  4. Home alterations
  • Choose the service you need
  • Enter how many hours a week you'd like help (only applies to domestic help)

Give any additional details under ‘Further information or comments’ like ‘not on Wednesdays’ or ‘help every two weeks’.

  • Hit 'Next'

3. Enter contact details

  • Complete your contact details
  • Hit 'Next'

4. Choose a contact and send your application

  • Indicate who your Comfort Coach can contact to discuss your application in detail

This can be you or someone else.

Your Comfort Coach works for Clixxs, who provide the services:
Phone: 019 25 95 48 (from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm)
E-mail : happy@clixxs.be

  • Hit 'Send application'

Your application has now been sent to Clixxs. Your Comfort Coach will contact you within two days to discuss your order, then Clixxs will schedule your requested service.

Learn more about Happy@Home from KBC Brussels Live

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