Insurance claims

Insurance claims

Make a hospitalisation, car accident or home damage claim with us at any time how it suits you best.

Report an accident or damage to us

1. Use our free KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch apps

Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch and (after opening the 'More' menu in our Mobile app) select whether your claim relates to your 'Home', 'Family', 'Vehicle' or 'Business'. Then select the insurance under which you want to claim.

Alternatively, go to More > Communication > Insurance claims in our Mobile app, or to Contact in Touch.

Make your claim now in KBC Brussels Mobile
Make your claim now in KBC Brussels Touch

2. Contact your insurance agent

Your KBC Brussels insurance agent will be happy to help you open a claim and guide you through the steps for having it settled.

Find your KBC Brussels insurance agent

3. Call us 24/7 on 0800 964 64 (free number)

If you can’t reach your KBC Brussels insurance agent or if you need immediate and urgent assistance with a claim, you can contact our call centre 24/7.

Give your contact full details

We’ll need this from you to give you the best possible assistance

  • Date you suffered damage or were involved in an accident
  • Brief description of the damage suffered (like water, glass breakage or fire damage)
  • Photos and any other documents proving the damage

Give us that information using our KBC Brussels Mobile of KBC Brussels Touch apps, through your insurance agent or via our call centre on 0800 964 64 (free number). We’ll do the rest!

Make a claim with us in no time.

Traffic accidents

Send us (as soon as possible)

  • Completed European accident statement
  • Number of the police report
  • Copy of your statement to the police

Were there any injuries?

  • Consult a doctor
  • Visit your general practitioner if you didn’t go to the emergency department
  • Keep any medical certificates, make copies of all your doctor’s bills and pharmacy receipts and make a list of all your expenses
  • Inform your employer if the accident happened while commuting

Have you been summoned by the magistrate’s court?

Send us

  • Copy of the summons
  • Name and address of your lawyer if you’ve already chosen one
  • Copy of the violation notice (you’ll receive it by post after the offence)

Our insurance experts are there for you

If you need to claim under accident or other insurance with us, there’s always a KBC Brussels insurance agent nearby to guide you through your claim. That includes insurance you’ve taken out with us online.

We're here to help

Semi-comprehensive car insurance

How much does semi-comprehensive car insurance cost?

  • Make sure you’re covered for damage caused by martens, glass breakage, hail damage, …
  • We will repay the full purchase price if your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss
  • In the event of a total loss, or if your vehicle is stolen, we will increase the compensation by 10%
Semi-comprehensive car insurance

Pay by contactless card

  • Hold your card close to the payment terminal
  • Pay for small purchases
  • No need for a PIN

Pay by contactless card

New in KBC Brussels Touch

Discover all new features here.
New in KBC Brussels Touch

Drawing down a mortgage loan in stages

Pay newbuild or home renovation bills fast by drawing on part of your home loan online.
Drawing down a mortgage loan in stages
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