Life Insurance

Security for your family in the event of your death

Life Insurance

Security for your family in the event of your death

Free sum insured

You can choose the sum insured freely (at least 5,000 euros) to suit your own situation.

Adapted to your needs

You can adapt the capital to your changing needs during the contract.

Financial security for your loved ones

You protect your loved ones against the financial consequences of your death.

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What is KBC Life Insurance?

Bereavement is always a difficult time, especially for the deceased's family. It doesn't help if those left behind have to deal with money problems. With KBC Life Insurance, a temporary guaranteed-interest life insurance (class 21), you insure yourself against the financial consequences of a death.

For example, on the death of the insured, you'll receive an amount to cover the first expenses in the period following the insured person's death or to pay part or all of the inheritance tax.

Who can take out this insurance?

Adults up to and including 74 years of age.

Sum insured

You can choose the sum insured freely (at least 5,000 euros). You can adapt the benefit to your changing needs during the contract, but medical acceptance may be required in this case.


  • KBC Life Insurance uses so-called risk premiums. The premium evolves with the insured's age.
  • The premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually. Monthly payments are carried out by direct debit.


New deposits by natural persons officially residing in Belgium are subject to a 2% insurance tax.

Medical acceptance

Medical acceptance is dependent upon the insured death benefit and your age. Extra acceptance may apply if the benefit is increased.

Here are some examples of what is not included in the insurance.

Death of the insured as a consequence of:

  • Suicide in the first year of the contract (euthanasia is insured, unless the insured already had the condition that gave rise to the decision when the contract was concluded)
  • An act of violence, insofar as the insured voluntarily or actively participated in it
  • Active participation in events of war

More things you need to know

  • KBC Life Insurance is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • Term: to be decided freely with a minimum of one year.
  • The latest possible end date of the contract is the 75th birthday of the insured.
  • Future tax treatment can change and depends on your individual circumstances. Your KBC Brussels intermediary will be glad to give you bespoke advice in this respect.
  • Your intermediary is the first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, please contact KBC Complaints Management: Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 0800 62 084 (free of charge), tel. + 32 78 15 20 45 (charges apply), fax + 32 16  86 30 38. If you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman Service: de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels,,
    This does not affect your legal rights.

To request a quote for KBC Life Insurance, contact your Insurance Expert.

KBC Life Insurance is a product from KBC Insurance NV – Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2 – 3000 Leuven – Belgium
VAT BE 0403.552.563 – RLP Leuven – IBAN BE43 7300 0420 0601 – BIC KREDBEBB
Company licensed by the National Bank of Belgium, de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, for all classes of insurance under code 0014 (Royal Decree of 4 July 1979, Belgian Official Gazette of 14 July 1979).
A KBC Group company

For detailed information on this product, see the product fact sheet and the financial fact sheet. We recommend that you read this information carefully before buying this product.


Two formulas

  • In the name of one party: if the insured dies before the contract's final maturity date, a sum that has been agreed in the contract will be paid out to the beneficiary.
  • In the name of two parties: if one of both insured parties dies before the contract's final maturity date, the sum will be paid out to the surviving party.

Detailed information on this product can be found on the product fact sheet and on the financial fact sheet, which we recommend you read carefully before taking out this product.

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