Your own family insurance

KBC Family Insurance

Your own family insurance

KBC Family Insurance

Take out family insurance online in just 3 minutes!

In KBC Brussels Touch, you can calculate your family insurance premium and sign your insurance contract straight away! You can also file any claims online using the KBC Brussels Assist app.

Even when you’re on holiday

KBC Family Insurance provides worldwide cover, meaning you’re insured if you cause loss, damage or injury to another individual while abroad.

Kids or no kids

Seven children or no children, family insurance is essential. To cater for every lifestyle, KBC Family Insurance is available with a variety of additional options.

What family insurance entails

Family insurance covers you against third-party liability in your private life. If someone sustains loss, damage or injury as a result of an error or negligence on your part, they may be able to file a claim against you for compensation. In situations like these, your family insurance covers the victim’s expenses.

Specific examples:

  • You’re at a party strutting your stuff on the dancefloor and accidentally knock a friend’s smartphone off the table, damaging it beyond repair.
  • You squeeze between two parked cars with your bike, accidentally leaving a scratch on the door of one of the cars.
  • You’ve finally got some time, so you decide to do some long-overdue work in the garden. You decide to cut down a tree, but when you do, it falls the wrong way, destroying your neighbours’ garden fence and furniture.

The basic insurance may not provide sufficient cover for your needs

Be sure to look at the various extensions, such as supplementary insurance for your dog, or legal assistance insurance for a conflict concerning a trip or major purchase.

When to take out family insurance for yourself

  • Once you’ve left home, you’re no longer covered by your parents’ family insurance. If you move in with someone who already has family insurance, you’ll be covered by their policy.
  • If you’re leaving home to live alone, you’re best off taking out your own policy.

Calculate your premium using the simulator in KBC Brussels Touch and take out your insurance straight away online. As a young person, you may even get a lower rate.

How the KBC Family Insurance policy works

What is insured?

familiale verzekering fietsen

In addition to yourself, the KBC Family Insurance policy will cover anyone who lives with you, including your housemates. This includes cover for loss, damage or injury caused by your animals to other individuals.

As an insurer, our 2 principal responsibilities are as follows:

  • In the event that someone files a claim for compensation against you, we will defend you.
  • If you are deemed liable for the loss, damage or injury, we will compensate the victim.
The KBC Family Insurance policy runs for a term of one year and will be tacitly renewed unless you cancel it a minimum of three months in advance.

To file a claim, use the app!

Claims can be filed quickly and easily using the KBC Brussels Assist app. The necessary information is sent to your insurer, and you also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Levels of compensation

Per claim event, we compensate up to approximately 24.8 million euros for bodily injuries and up to approximately 6.9 million euros for material damage. For material damage only, there is a deductible of approximately 244 euros per claim event. These sums are linked to the consumer price index.

What is excluded?

  • Personal injury and material damage you cause to yourself or family members;
  • Loss, damage or injury you cause in performing your profession;
  • Loss, damage or injury for which you are required to take out compulsory insurance such as liability insurance for motor vehicles, or yacht insurance;
  • Loss, damage or injury caused by your riding-horses or by animals that you, as a private individual residing in Belgium, are not allowed to keep;
  • Loss, damage or injury caused intentionally by a member of your family aged 16 or older;
  • Loss, damage or injury caused due to misconduct on the part of a member of your family aged 18 or older (e.g., acts of violence, theft, vandalism);
  • Loss, damage or injury you cause with an electric bicycle (speed pedelec). For an electric bicycle, you are required to take out separate vehicle liability insurance.

Your premium amount

How much premium you will pay depends on your personal situation. Using the simulator in KBC Brussels Touch, you can calculate how much KBC Family Insurance will cost you and take out a policy in just 3 minutes!


The basic policy covers third-party liability. If you want additional cover, there are several extensions you can add when taking out Family Insurance in KBC Brussels Touch:

  • Legal assistance insurance
  • Legal assistance and contractual disputes insurance (e.g., for travel and major purchases)
  • Dog insurance

In addition to the standard extensions, there are a number of additional options for specific situations (e.g., extra-earnings activities or domestic staff).

Like the basic policy, these additional forms of cover run for a term of one year and will be tacitly renewed unless you cancel them a minimum of three months in advance.

Legal assistance insurance

KBC Family Insurance will provide you with cover in the event that someone files a claim against you. If, however, you wish to file a claim against someone, you can have recourse to Defendo, the legal assistance insurance policy for the private sphere.

What’s insured?

  • If you yourself sustain loss, damage or injury, we will assist you in obtaining compensation from the liable party.
  • If they are unable to pay compensation, we will pay it up to 12,500 euros, subject to certain conditions. In the event of bodily injuries, we will pay a further 12,500 euros.
  • If you are suspected of having unintentionally committed an offence, you can rely on us to defend you should you have to appear before a criminal court.

Levels of compensation

We will cover the expenses and fees up to a maximum of 100,000 euros for each claim event and for all beneficiaries combined. We will not apply any deductible, so we pay the legal expenses as from the first euro. There is also no threshold (minimum value for the dispute).

What is excluded?

  • Loss, damage or injury connected with the performance of a contract
  • Fines and out-of-court settlements
  • Criminal offences, such as vandalism or fighting
  • Disputes you are involved in as the owner or driver of a motor vehicle

Legal assistance and contractual disputes

Comprehensive Legal Assistance Insurance provides the same cover as Legal Assistance Insurance for the Private Sphere, but also provides for legal assistance in the event of contractual disputes.This additional cover is important, because as a young person, you will regularly make major purchases and occasionally perhaps travel to far-away destinations.

Some examples:

  • Your new washing machine is defective or the wrong model was delivered and the shop refuses to replace it.
  • You encounter problems with the purchase of a home or the installation of a bathroom.
  • You booked a charming holiday home with swimming pool, but it turns out to be a dilapidated garden house with pond.

Dog insurance

verzekering voor uw hond - familiale verzekering honden

Our dog insurance is an accident insurance policy.

What’s insured?

  • If your dog bites someone, we will pay them compensation up to an amount of 1.5 million euros, even if you are not liable. It doesn’t matter who was bitten: a family member, the babysitter, the postman, ….
  • We also pay up to 1.5 million euros in compensation for bodily injuries if another dog bites a member of your family, even if the owner of the dog is never found or if the owner is unable to pay the compensation.
  • If your dog is injured in a traffic accident, we will cover up to 2 000 euros in veterinary fees and, in the worst-case scenario, cremation expenses of up to 350 euros. We will even cover the cost of the purchase of a new puppy of similar breed.
  • If you are hospitalised and there is no one to take care of your dog, we will cover the cost of kennels up to a maximum of 300 euros.

We do not apply any deductible.

What is excluded?

  • You may not claim on this insurance policy if you keep or breed dogs professionally.
  • Accidents not involving traffic in which your dog is the victim (e.g., if your dog fights with another dog or drowns) are not covered by this insurance.
  • Veterinary fees for your dog.

Options for specific situations

For people who regularly perform extra-earnings activities or employ domestic staff, it can often be advisable (and sometimes compulsory!) to take out additional insurance.

  • Insurance for your extra-earnings activity
  • Childminder’s insurance
  • Teacher’s insurance
  • Home-helpinsurance (e.g., babysitter, gardener or cleaner)

The details of this policy

This product is governed by the laws of Belgium. For a concise description of the cover, the main exclusions and other useful information, please refer to the product fact sheet.

More information on the insurer

KBC Family Insurance is a product provided by KBC Insurance NV, member of the KBC Group (Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2, 3000 Leuven, Belgium. VAT BE 0403.552.563 – RLP Leuven – IBAN BE43 7300 0420 0601 – BIC KREDBEBB.) Company authorised for all classes of insurance under code 0014 (Royal Decree of 4 July 1979; Belgian Official Gazette, 14 July 1979) by the National Bank of Belgium (de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.)

Your intermediary: KBC Brussels, part of KBC Bank NV – Havenlaan 2 – 1080 Brussels – Belgium
VAT BE 0462.920.226 – RLP Brussels – IBAN BE98 7300 0000 0083 – BIC KREDBEBB – FSMA 026256 A, tied agent of KBC Insurance NV
Member of the KBC Group

What if I have a complaint?

vragen of klachten familiale verzekering

Your intermediary is your first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, you can contact KBC Complaints Management by post at Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven, by e-mail at, by telephone on 0800 62084 (freephone number) or 078 152045 (paid number), or by fax on 016 863038.

If no satisfactory solution can be reached, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman at de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels, or
However, you always retain the right to initiate legal proceedings.

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