Private Lease FAQ

Private Lease FAQ

The Private Lease service is no longer available. However, existing contracts will remain in force. If you have a Private Lease contract, you can find more info here.

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General information

Private Lease is a long-term car rental option for private individuals. The leasing period for new cars is 47 months; i.e., just under four years. A shorter period applies for used cars.

Why is the leasing period 47 months? All cars are subject to inspection after four years (= 48 months). By setting the leasing period to 47 months, you won’t need to worry about the inspection, because we’ll take care of it after you’ve returned the car.

For a fixed monthly fee, you will get a fully equipped car and service pack. Virtually everything is included, such as maintenance, vehicle assistance, car insurance and repairs. All you have to do is purchase fuel.

Private Lease ensures a safe and smooth driving experience for a fixed monthly fee.

  • You get to select a fully equipped car based on your preferences
  • Full service included: the convenience of a car without having to worry about maintenance and inspections
  • A fixed monthly fee means you pay the same rate throughout the lease

Operational lease is a form of rental agreement, which means you will not become the owner of the lease car and you will not be given the option to purchase the lease car at the end of the leasing period. The lease car will be registered in the name of KBC Autolease.

The lease contract

During the application process, you can specify the number of kilometres you expect to drive each year. We will send you a message through KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile asking you to submit the mileage to us each year, based on which we will draw up a mileage statement.

If the actual mileage exceeds the estimate, we will bill you for the difference. If the actual mileage is less than the estimate, the difference will be credited to your account. This only applies if the difference is more than 10%.

Yes. You are entitled to change your mind about signing your lease contract during a period of 14 calendar days after signing the lease contract (electronically or in print).

You can send your cancellation by post or e-mail.

  • The postal address is: KBC Autolease NV Besteldienst, Prof.R.Van Overstraetenplein 5, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
  • The e-mail address is:

You can use the model form to cancel your order, but this is optional.

The leasing period for new cars is 47 months. Varying leasing periods apply for used cars. The contractual number of months is specified in the Special Conditions of your car.

Note that once you’ve reached the maximum mileage, the lease contract will be terminated prematurely (even if the agreed leasing period has not yet expired). The maximum mileage is 180,000 km for all non-electric cars, and 100,000 km for electric cars.

No, you are responsible for purchasing fuel.

Yes, you can travel abroad with your lease car for a business trip or holiday, but only in those countries where the insurance certificate for Third-Party Liability is valid. These countries are listed on the certificate of insurance (the ‘green card’).

Yes, all drivers with a valid driver’s licence are permitted to use the car.

Yes, but you will be charged in the event of any damage to the car’s interior.

During the application process, you can opt for all-season tyres. If you selected summer tyres, you can have the car fitted with winter tyres at your own expense, in which case the car must be returned with the original summer tyres at the end of the lease.

Yes – this is subject to an early termination fee. In the event that you terminate your contract, we will also settle the mileage and any additional costs if the car is damaged.

To find out how much the termination fee is, send an e-mail to KBC Autolease:

  • Third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles
    If you want to drive your car on public roads, you are required to take out Third-Party Liability insurance (TPL). This insurance covers any loss, damage or injury you cause to others if you are at fault, and is valid in Belgium and all the countries listed on the certificate of insurance (the ‘green card’).

  • Legal assistance
    We provide legal assistance insurance as a supplement to our third-party liability insurance for motor vehicles. This cover provides for your criminal and civil defence, for example to recover the damage to your car from the person liable.

  • Risk arrangement
    KBC Autolease assumes the risks of the car being completely written off and of a partial loss (such as due to theft, your own negligence, storm damage or glass breakage).

  • Client's Own Risk
    For the claim events listed under ‘Risk arrangement’ in the General Conditions, KBC Autolease stipulates a deductible or ‘Client’s Own Risk’, the amount of which is specified in the ‘Special Conditions’.

You are responsible for paying all fines (including municipal administrative sanctions) and parking tickets. They will be sent directly to your home address.

End of contract

You will be notified to return your car a few months before expiry of the contract, and again a few weeks from the expiry date.

You must return the car in a proper and neat condition. You will be contacted by a KBC Private Lease employee prior to the expiry date to schedule an appointment for the assessment and collection of your car.

No, you cannot.

Yes. You can request the certificate by sending an e-mail to

Financial matters

We will make three attempts to process the payment. If the direct debit is still unsuccessful, you will be contacted by a KBC Private Lease employee.

Other questions

No, you cannot return your current car and we will not pay any trade-in value.

No, smoking is prohibited in the lease car. 

When you collect your car, there will be a minimal amount of fuel in the tank, so you will need to refuel the car immediately after picking it up. 

No, we do not provide fuel cards.

No – direct debit is the required payment method.

No – Private Lease is a form of leasing intended for private individuals which you pay to KBC Autolease.

With Private Lease, everything is taken care of for you. All cars are subject to inspection after 4 years (= 48 months). By setting the leasing period to 47 months, you won’t need to worry about the inspection, because we’ll take care of it after you’ve returned the car. 

Yes. If your income and expenses show that you have sufficient financial resources to lease another car, you can enter into an additional lease contract.

No. You will be insured under the group insurance policy taken out by KBC Autolease. 

No. Third-party liability insurance (TPL) is included, but this does not cover bodily injuries you sustained in an accident you caused.

Your third-party liability insurance only covers material damage and bodily injury sustained by the other party and your passengers. However, you can take out separate bodily injury insurance if you haven’t already.

The deductible is 250 euros per claim.

You receive your first invoice for the lease fee immediately after delivery of your lease car.

For all subsequent invoices for the lease fee, you choose the monthly payment date just once. You receive the invoice in Doccle or your KBC Brussels inbox each month, 14 days prior to your chosen payment date. The invoice amount is presented for payment and paid via the SEPA mandate on the payment date.

After a full year of driving your Private Lease car, you will receive a notification prompting you to submit your annual mileage.

You will receive this message in the KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile app, which you can also use to submit your mileage. 

Things drivers need to know

If you have any questions about maintenance, tyre changes or other practical matters regarding your Private Lease car, you will find all manner of useful information for drivers on our website.