Start saving for retirement on your smartphone

Start saving for retirement on your smartphone

Ever thought about saving for retirement? It could get you a tidy tax break of up to 294 euros a year.

Start saving for your pension today – right from your phone. Use our KBC Brussels Mobile app to open a pension savings fund in just 4 steps.

Don’t have our KBC Brussels Mobile app yet? Download it here.

How to open a pension savings fund in KBC Brussels Mobile

It’s really easy. Just log in to the app and follow the steps.

Useful tips

How much should you save?

See how much you can put aside each month. Money you can do without for a long time is ideal for pension savings. With us, you can save from 10 euros a month for your retirement.

How do you get tax relief?

Next year, you’ll get a 30% tax break on what you’ve paid in. In 2019, you can declare up to 980 euros for pension savings, so you could get 294 euros back.

How do you check how much you’ve already saved?

KBC Brussels Mobile gives you a handy overview of your pension savings account. It lets you see at a glance how much you still have to pay in to reach the annual maximum for getting full tax relief.

How to submit the maximum tax-deductible amount you want to go for?

  1. Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile.

  2. Tap 'Investments' in the bottom menu, followed by ‘Tax-advantaged savings & investments’. Tap your pension savings account.

  3. Tap the information ball next to ‘Your current maximum tax-qualifying amount in 2019’. You will then see a screen with more information about the two caps for pension saving in 2019: 980 euros or 1,260 euros.

  4. Return to the previous screen and tap the blue button.

  5. Select the tax-deductible cap* you want to save in 2019 and tap 'Next'.

  6. An information screen will appear explaining the product features. Read through this information and then tick the ‘I've read the product information' box. Tap ‘Next’.

  7. Select the amount that you want to deposit additionally and tap 'Sign' to confirm your deposit. You’ll then see a confirmation page stating that your deposit has been carried out.

Please note:

If you've opted for the 1,260 euros cap, you'll need to deposit the amount required to reach the cap in one go via KBC Brussels Mobile. Then you'll be sure to obtain the most tax relief.

Example: you've been depositing 80 euros per month to your pension savings account via standing order (or 980 euros annualised). By October, you'll have saved 800 euros. At that moment, you can still go for the 1,260 euros cap and deposit an additional 430 euros in one go to make up the difference.

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