Contactless payments

Make small payments without having to enter your PIN

Contactless payments

Make small payments without having to enter your PIN

What is paying by contactless?

bank card contactless symbol

You can pay quickly and securely for small purchases like a newspaper, coffee or train ticket simply by holding your payment card close to the payment terminal. That's all there is to it! It’s the ideal way to pay when you’re pushed for time.

 Paying by contactless works on the basis of  NFC (Near Field Communication). When your card and the payment terminal are equipped with this technology, they can 'communicate' with each other remotely. It means you no longer have to insert your card into the payment terminal and you usually won't have to enter your PIN either.

What do I need to make contactless payments?

Your payment card

If your card has the contactless wave symbol on it (see photo), and you see the same symbol on a payment terminal, you can pay by contactless there. A growing number of businesses in Belgium and abroad accept this payment method.

Contactless payments were already possible by debit card and now also by smartphone. Life just got a whole lot easier, especially if you’re in a hurry or have forgotten your card.

Pay by contactless app on your phone

1. KBC Brussels Mobile app

We’ve all been there. You’re about to pay at the checkout and you just can’t find your debit card.
Contactless to the rescue! No need to dig for your wallet and rummage around when you can pay for smaller purchases in a flash on your phone. So easy!

How does it work? Activate your debit card for contactless payments using our Mobile app. Open the ‘Cards’ tab and tap your debit card, then go to the ‘Pay contactless’ setting and switch on 'KBC Brussels Mobile'. If you’re paying for something costing less than 25 euros, simply hold your phone to the terminal. If it costs more than 25 euros, you’ll still have to enter your PIN.

2. Google Pay

If you've installed the Google Pay app, you can also make contactless payments by holding your smartphone close to the payment terminal. It's a handy solution if you don't have your bank card or credit card with you. Learn more about paying with Google Pay.

Are contactless payments safe?

You can make contactless payments of up to 25 euros or parking up to 50 euros without having to enter your PIN. However, you will always have to confirm payment with your PIN (or other smartphone security method) for higher amounts.

If you've made consecutive payments that come to 50 euros in total, you will have to insert your card again into the terminal and enter your PIN to be able to start paying again by contactless.

Disabling the contactless payment feature

The feature for making contactless payments is enabled automatically, but you can also disable it and enable it again in KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile.

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