Chamber of Commerce

Close contacts with entrepreneurs in Brussels

Chamber of Commerce

Close contacts with entrepreneurs in Brussels

We work actively with the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the local Association of Enterprises. That means we can support your company with business expertise.

Brussels does business

Brussels is a dynamic place for entrepreneurs. Anyone who has the courage to seize opportunities can set up a great business. After all, our capital offers a whole range of possibilities in terms of innovation, networking and internationalisation. But doing business in Brussels also involves certain challenges. The regulations here are very different to those in force in Wallonia and Flanders. Brussels also has its own business culture, networking events and support measures.

KBC Brussels works actively with BECI, the umbrella organisation for the local Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Enterprises in Brussels. In this way, we remain fully informed of the latest developments and can refer you to the correct authorities.

A voice for entrepreneurs

BECI stands for Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry, and it represents and defends the interests of thousands of companies in Brussels. As a result, the organisation is also known (appropriately enough) as Companies House.

The staff at BECI give a voice to entrepreneurs in Brussels before local, federal and international authorities. The organisation also works in ongoing consultation with social partners, industry associations, trade unions and civil society organisations such as Voka.

Company managers can also turn to BECI for administrative assistance. The organisation has its own company counter, and settles matters such as depositing annual accounts, lease registrations and VAT registrations.

Springboard to the world

Are you having difficulty finding your way in the big wide world of Brussels business, be it as a budding or an established entrepreneur? BECI will help you expand your network. Companies House organises events, business lunches and clubs.

The biggest benefit offered by the combined strength of the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Enterprises is their vast know-how in the area of international trade. Brussels is a commercial springboard to the rest of the world. Through BECI, local entrepreneurs gain easy access to European and international markets

Self-employed and liberal professionals

Are you self-employed or a liberal professional working in the capital? KBC Brussels can help you with tailored financial solutions.

Laurent the chocolatier

"Brussels is quirky on all levels. We at KBC Brussels understand that."

Catherine has her own veterinary practice

"KBC Brussels helped me submit my grant application – I found that very surprising for a bank."

Olivier is a lawyer and partner

"KBC Brussels sees me not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a person, and their solutions take both aspects into account."