Business clubs

Networks in the Brussels business world

Business clubs

Networks in the Brussels business world

Networking is not just a hollow concept for KBC Brussels, as new contacts often lead to new opportunities. We work with you to look for precisely this kind of opportunity.

KBC Brussels is completely at home in the Brussels business world. Every day, we see why Brussels is the economic centre of the country. We meet countless small and large enterprises, self-employed people and liberal professionals in this bustling city, not just at their premises or in our branches, but also at all kinds of events and in business clubs.

Not only do we look for new financial partnerships in these clubs, we also help our clients make the right contacts with each other. In this way, we believe that the fertile ground of Brussels can nurture an even healthier and more flourishing business culture.

Here are a few of our most important business club partners:

  • De Warande, founded 28 years ago to unite and to represent the Flemish community in Brussels. Familiar and yet surprising.
  • B19 Country Club, founded in 2013 as a modern kind of business club offering only breakfast and after-work meetings, with around 40 internal and 30 external events each year.
  • Cercle de Lorraine/Club van Lotharingen, a place of exchange for company managers, liberal professionals, diplomats, academics and politicians. It focuses on economic, cultural and political enrichment.
  • Artemis, the professional network for female entrepreneurs, executives, managers and liberal professionals. It focuses on women sharing knowledge and learning from and inspiring each other.
  • Royal International Club Château Sainte-Anne, founded in 1959, is an exclusive meeting point that brings together over 35 different nationalities.
  • UNIZO Brussels, the largest entrepreneurs' organisation in Flanders and Brussels, is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and has over 85 000 members, including self-employed people, liberal professionals and company managers.
  • UCM Brussels, part of the most important French-speaking employees' organisation, represents the interests of self-employed people and company managers.
  • French Connect is a network aimed at connecting like-minded French and Belgian professionals through a shared spirit of enterprise. Their website is also packed with useful information on living and working in Brussels. Check it out for a smooth move to Belgium's capital and get off to a flying start in your new home. (Only available in French) 
  • Bright Expats: a website for expats living in or moving to Belgium. The team of like-minded ladies behind it have tapped into their expat life experiences to create a site combining extensive knowledge of numerous Belgian cities with broad coaching and relocation expertise.

Our partners

KBC Brussels works together with local business clubs, associations. and advisory bodies. Find them all here.

Patrick is a property developer

"The KBC Brussels property team and I are on the same wavelength."

Olivier is a lawyer and partner

"KBC Brussels sees me not just as an entrepreneur, but also as a person, and their solutions take both aspects into account."

Chamber of Commerce

Are you an entrepreneur in Brussels? We work with local organisations and advisory bodies to give you the best possible assistance.