Personalised information

Only receive what fits you

Personalised information

Only receive what fits you

What is 'Personalised information'?

No one likes getting commercial information they don't need, so we've worked out a solution.
If you opt for 'Personalised information', we can take all the information relating to you and more accurately filter promotions, offers and products provided by ourselves and our carefully selected partners, so that they correspond with your situation. To make sure you get the information at the right time, we will use your e-mails, telephone, KBC Brussels Touch, KBC Brussels Mobile or other communication channels.

How can we provide you with 'Personalised information’?

As a bank-insurer, KBC Brussels has many details about you. By analysing them we can prevent sending you information that doesn't meet your requirements. You may rest assured that we value your privacy and handle your details carefully!

Why opt for ‘Personalised information'?

Stop getting information you neither want nor need. Receive useful tailored offers and go for ‘personalised information’.
Please note that if you opt for personalised information it will take until April 2018 before you’ll get personal offers from us. If you don't give us permission to use all your details for marketing purposes you will continue to get commercial messages from us but they won't be tailored to your needs.

Where can I find more information?

If we have information on you, you can be sure it’s secure and that we treat it with the utmost discretion and caution. Protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities.

Want to know more about which information KBC Brussels processes and what your rights are?
Please read our privacy statement.

Where can I opt for 'Personalised information'?

Log in to KBC Brussels Touch and select ‘Profile at the top right. Select ‘Communication preferences’ to see more about ‘Personalised information’. Simply switch it on if you want us to tailor what we send you to your potential needs.
The staff at your KBC Brussels branch or your KBC Brussels insurance agent will also be happy to help you with this.

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