Legal changes 1 July 2022, unless otherwise specified

A summary of legal changes has been provided here for your convenience.

Got a question about any of these changes?
Feel free to contact us. You can talk to a member of staff at your KBC branch or insurance agency or call our KBC Brussels Live experts on 02 303 31 60.

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When completing your investment profile, you chose a joint investment profile. You and your partner gave each other power of attorney to change the investment profile separately.

The power of attorney also applies to any new questions that are included in the investment profile. This means that you and your partner can answer these new questions separately without the other partner having to confirm the answers. The sole purpose of the questions is to collect the information we need to give you investment advice.

Prefer otherwise?
If so, you can cancel the power of attorney by contacting your KBC Brussels branch.

The rate for a SEPA Direct Debit (SDD Core) will increase from 0.04 euros to 0.05 euros per transaction.

What to do if you don’t agree with this change
You can terminate your "SEPA direct debit agreement" before the change takes effect. If we don't hear from you before then, we will assume that you agree with the changes.