Legal changes 1 July 2021, unless otherwise specified

A summary of legal changes has been provided here for your convenience.

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  • The "risk profile” was replaced by the “investment profile” on 24 May 2021. This enables us to focus even more on protecting your interests and to provide you with suitable investment advice.
  • We have added information on how KBC integrates sustainability risks into its investment advice.

View the updated information document.

  • The “risk profile” was replaced by the “investment profile” on 24 May 2021 (any existing risk profiles remain valid for one year at most).
  • Whether you belong to the target market of an investment product is no longer determined on the basis of an explicit question but has been integrated into the “investment profile”.

 View the updated information document.

The limit for signing online purchases made with your smartphone (MobilePay) is set to be raised from 1,000 euros to 2,500 euros. It applies to transactions carried out on your KBC Brussels Debit Card and KBC Brussels Credit Card.
See this limit. 

The daily and weekly limits set for the relevant KBC Brussels Debit Card or KBC Brussels Credit Card continue to apply for these transactions.

What to do if you don't agree with this change
You cannot change the limit itself. However, you can deactivate the "Paying online" function or adjust your card spending limits in KBC Brussels Mobile. To do this, open KBC Brussels Mobile and go to "Payments", then "Means of payment" and select your card.

Main changes:

  • Starting in September, digital customers will only get a digital version of the certificate of insurance in KBC Brussels Mobile or in KBC Brussels Touch on the principal renewal date. In other words, you will no longer receive a paper version by post.
  • If you'd still like a paper version and do not have the facilities to print one out, you can easily request a copy.

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