Legal changes 1 October 2022, unless otherwise specified

A summary of legal changes has been provided here for your convenience.

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We are updating the solidarity regulations and related cover for KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI and KBC Life Pension Plan – Social VSPSS.

Previously, if you were incapacitated for work due to an accident or illness, you received benefit payments from the thirteenth month on, for as long as your recognised disability lasted, or until – but not beyond – the date of your retirement. From 1 January 2023, this cover will be replaced and you can receive benefit payments for loss of income, starting from the second month of incapacity for work, up to and including the twelfth month. The covers for pension accrual and maternity leave remain unchanged.

You don’t have to do anything as far as this change is concerned. We’ll take care of everything for you and you’ll benefit automatically from the amended cover being offered under the updated solidarity regulations, starting on 1 January 2023.

Should this update not fully meet your individual needs and you want to end your solidarity cover, or if you’d like to be able to receive benefit payments for incapacity for work for longer than 12 months, be sure to contact your insurance intermediary in good time.

Find out more about the extra covers being offered under the solidarity regulations.

We have provided more general information in the regulations. Information about specific product features can now be found in the product fact sheets.
We have also clarified a number of matters on processing time deposit accounts.

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Customers with an address or registered office located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who purchase products or services from KBC Brussels may receive a lower level of protection than if they were to obtain those products or services in their home country. We want to make this clear in our regulations and contracts and will amend them accordingly in the months to come.

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By the end of 2024, a new network of bank-neutral ATMs will have replaced the proprietary ATMs of KBC, CBC, KBC Brussels and the other big banks. The aim here is to achieve a better distribution of ATMs, which you can identify from their Bancontact logo and the word “CASH”.

Debit card cash withdrawals at Bancontact CASH points are not always free and may be charged separately depending on the type of account you have:

  • For holders of a KBC Brussels Plus Account, KBC Brussels Business Compact, KBC Brussels Business Convenience or KBC Brussels Business PRO, these transactions are included without limit in the annual fee.
  • For holders of the following types of account, the fee is 0.50 euros per cash withdrawal:
    - KBC Brussels Basic Account: from the first cash withdrawal
    - KBC Brussels Current Account: from the first cash withdrawal
    - KBC Brussels Basic Banking Service: from the 37th debit transaction
    - KBC Universal Banking Service: from the 25th cash withdrawal
    - KBC Brussels Company Account: from the first cash withdrawal

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In December 2022, we will charge Owners’ Associations an annual administrative management fee of 250 euros. It will be charged to the current account on which most debit transactions have been carried out over the past year.

What to do if you don't agree with this change
You can cancel your KBC Brussels product or service before the change takes effect, without having to pay a cancellation fee. If we don't hear from you before then, we will assume that you agree with this change.

We are increasing our rates for renting safe-deposit boxes to bring them into line with current market prices. An overview of the new rates for the different box sizes will be available here.

The new rates will enter into effect on 1 January 2023 and will be charged after the current rental contract ends.

We consider it important to inform you of these new rates well in advance, so that you have time to decide what should happen with your existing rental contract.
In this case, you have two options:

  • Continue with your rental contract and leave the rest to us
  • Cancel your safe-deposit box rental contract by contacting your KBC Brussels branch

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A rate of 0.50% was guaranteed on the amounts that you paid into your Épargne-Plus-Hospitalisation in 2003 and/or 2014.

This rate is set to change on 1 January 2023, when a guaranteed rate of 0.10% will apply to the assets built up in those years. This new rate of interest is guaranteed for eight years.

A rate of 0.50% was guaranteed on the amounts that you paid into your Plan Santé in 2003 and/or 2014.

This rate is set to change on 1 January 2023, when a guaranteed rate of 0.10% will apply to the assets built up in those years. The new rate of interest is guaranteed for eight years.

In accordance with the General Banking Terms & Conditions and the General Credit Terms & Conditions, we will be increasing the handling fee rate for your credit facility by 3%. You will be charged the new rate for the first time at the start of January 2023.

See an updated overview of our rates and charges to know what you are paying for which products.

The data protection statement has had numerous changes made to it. Most of these changes are additions to the statement as a result of new or modified products and services being offered by KBC Brussels.
An overview of the main changes is given on page 3 of the updated data protection statement (under Preliminary: the salient changes in this version of the Data Protection Statement of KBC Bank NV).

Data protection statement.

Your teenage son or daughter has 180 days from the day they turn 18 to sort out the financial paperwork that is required at this time. And we’re more than happy to help. With KBC Brussels Mobile, your teenager can arrange things in just a few taps on their smartphone. Or, if they prefer, they can drop by their branch. Learn all about it here.

If your teenage son or daughter intends to manage their own account once they’re 18, you can discuss the possibility of being granted a power of attorney. See how that can be arranged.

Next year you turn 25 and that means your KBC Brussels Plus Account will cease to be free and instead be subject to a fee (of 3.25 euros per month). See the many great benefits you get in return.

As from 23 October 2022, minors aged 16 or over can create their own account for itsme®, the digital identification app. If your child uses the KBC Brussels Mobile app, they can use it to create this account. See how that can be arranged.