Starting to invest has never been so easy

Starting up an investment plan with KBC Brussels Mobile

Starting to invest has never been so easy

Starting up an investment plan with KBC Brussels Mobile

If you want to invest through an investment plan,  you no longer have to come to your branch. Using KBC Brussels Mobile, you open your investment plan entirely with mobile technologies and online in six short steps. Whether you're now making a start with investments, looking fort an alternative to a savings account, or regularly want to lay aside a marginal amount each month, it faster and easier than ever to open an investment plan.

Opening an investment plan on your smartphone in six steps

  1. Log into KBC Brussels Mobile.
  2. There are three ways in which you can open an investment plan:
    • If you don't have any investments yet, go to the home page and hit 'Invest'.
    • If you already have a savings account, a pension savings fund and an investment plan, select 'Invest' at the foot of the home page, and then on 'New savings or investment product’.
    • If you have only got investments, in the home page select 'Invest', and then 'New investment plan’.
  3. You get four reasons telling you what a good idea it is to invest. At the bottom of the page, hit 'Next'.
  4. Carefully read over the information on your investment plan. Scroll down again to the bottom of the page and hit 'Next'.
  5. Select who it is that you're opening the investment plan and how much you want to set aside each month.
  6. If you accept the terms and conditions, sign using your PIN or fingerprint.

Tip: If you'd like an investment plan for your child, you can also easily get one through KBC Brussels Mobile. Open the plan in one of the parents' names.

You can't open an investment plan using KBC Brussels Mobile on a Windows phone. Make an appointment.

The benefits of periodic investment

  1. You can invest just small amounts: from as little as 25 euros per deposit.
  2. At the investment journey's end, you have a chance that the return will be higher because you're investing over a longer period.
  3. Thanks to the monthly payments, you'll never miss out on the right entry time and, at poor times you'll only enter with a marginal amount.
  4. You avoid taking over-hasty decisions under the inspired by panic or covetousness.
  5. You invest in stocks or bonds at lower buying rates on average than with an ordinary investment. 

Tip: take advantage of the flexibility of your investment plan. You can raise or lower the amount, temporarily stop the plan and start it up again, at any time.

Investing with little effort

With an investment plan, there's nothing more for you to concern yourself with. Each year, you automatically invest the amount that you yourself have chosen in your plan's investment fund. Keeping daily tabs on stock market prices. You can, but you don't have to.

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