Investing with KBC Bank or Bolero

Investing with KBC Bank or Bolero

Investing together, or on your own? You choose!

Investing is an exciting topic. Having taken the KBC Brussels Investor Course you should now have acquired a taste for investing. You don't need to own a fortune to be an investor; you can get started even with a small amount of money.
If you start investing, then you will naturally want your investments to deliver the best possible return. That requires you to spend time on your investment portfolio, and to make decisions based on business knowledge. But what's the best way to approach this?

What if you don't have much time or knowledge of investments?
KBC Bank can provide support tailored to your needs!

Do you want to get started independently with some of your own assets?
If so, Bolero is your ideal investment platform!

Investing with KBC Brussels means investing with advice tailored to your needs!

If you don't have enough time or knowledge to be able to monitor your investments on your own,
you can rely on a team of KBC Brussels experts. They will provide you with clear investment advice that is tailored to your situation via your in-branch adviser. However, you still get to make all your own decisions!

What is included when you invest with KBC Bank?

It all starts with the monthly investment strategy, which is drawn up by the investment experts at KBC Asset Management.
Based on this strategy, you'll receive personal advice in clear language during appointments with our branch employees.
In this way, you receive a personalised service based on your expectations, your financial plans and the value of your assets, as well as step-by-step guidance.
Based on this personal advice, you can make your own decisions about what you buy and sell.

Invest together, even online

KBC Bank provides user-friendly online applications you can use to monitor your investment portfolio: KBC Brussels Touch for beginner investors and KBC Brussels Invest for investors with an investment portfolio of 25,000 euros or more.

Are you curious to see what investing with KBC Bank might mean for you?

Investing with Bolero means investing independently online!

Do you have enough time and interest to monitor the financial markets and your investment portfolio yourself? If you do, you can get started with Bolero.
Bolero is the online investment platform offered by KBC Brussels Securities, comprising a website and mobile apps. On the website you can find all the investment information
you need, while the useful apps allow you to buy and sell your investment products online yourself (such as bonds and shares) in just a few mouse clicks. You can also use Bolero to invest with small amounts, making your life easier!

What does investing with Bolero involve?

The mobile apps give you control over your investment portfolio anytime, anywhere. The Bolero account is free of charge and you can place orders at competitive rates! You gain access to extensive order options on over 20 different stock exchanges.
You won't miss any opportunities with Bolero thanks to our daily share tips, webinars and exclusive investor events.
Find out more on our Bolero website. You can also request the free Bolero information pack, which comes with a free gift of one month of stock market insights.

Are you curious to see what investing with Bolero might mean for you?

What is socially responsible investment?

  • Investing in a better society
  • A livable world for future generations
  • Return in line with the market

With an expert's investment advice

If investing is too challenging or time-consuming for you, KBC Brussels gives you the support and advice you need. Discover our services!

Why should you invest?

Is investing the way to achieve a higher return?

What's your preferred way to invest?

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