Investing on behalf of your child

With the KBC Brussels Investment Plan

Investing on behalf of your child

With the KBC Brussels Investment Plan

Choose for yourself

The KBC Brussels Investment Plan allows you to start investing from just 25 euros a month. You can decide for yourself how often you make a deposit.

Long life span

The longer the investment horizon, the greater the possible return. Your investment can grow as your child does.


The current low interest rates means that investments can offer higher potential returns than savings.

Make an appointment

Do you want to set aside a nest egg for your children from an early age through investment? That's an excellent idea, especially given the long investment horizon. Suppose that you set aside a fixed amount every month from your child's birth up to their 18th birthday. You could end up with a handsome amount of money!


Het KBC-Beleggingsplan: Beleggen voor je kind op eigen tempo.

The current low interest rates mean that savings accounts offer low returns. That's why investment offers attractive prospects. Because your child won't need the money for a long time (until their 18th birthday, for instance), the return on the investment can be reinvested in turn and can generate additional income. We call that the capitalisation effect.

Lower your risk by spreading your entry

Beleggen voor je kind met een KBC-Beleggingsplan

If you are just getting started with investing, the KBC Brussels Investment Plan offers an attractive option. Your money is invested for you, so you don't need to actively monitor the stock market yourself. The money is invested in a diversified manner through an investment fund in order to reduce the risk.

What's more, your assets are invested systematically, which means that the investment takes place automatically at regular intervals. This lets you put emotions to one side. You can set up a KBC Brussels Investment Plan for as little as 25 euros a month, and you are free to choose how often you make your periodic deposits: every month, every quarter or every year.

Ideal for a longer investment horizon

The funds in your KBC Brussels Investment Plan can be sold at any time, meaning that your assets are always available. However, since the value of investments can fluctuate, it's best to keep a longer life span in mind. What's more, the capitalisation effect makes itself felt primarily over the long term, making an investment plan ideal for giving your children a financial boost later in life.

How do you go about investing on behalf of your child?

Through an investment plan in your name

  1. Log into KBC Brussels Mobile.
  2. There are three ways in which you can open an investment plan:
    • If you don't have any investments yet, go to the home page and hit 'Invest'.
    • If you already have a savings account, a pension savings fund and an investment plan, select 'Invest' at the foot of the home page, and then on 'New savings or investment product’.
    • If you have only got investments, in the home page select 'Invest', and then 'New investment plan’.
  3. You get four reasons telling you what a good idea it is to invest. At the bottom of the page, hit 'Next'.
  4. Carefully read over the information on your investment plan. Scroll down again to the bottom of the page and hit 'Next'.
  5. Set up the investment plan in your own name and decide on how much to invest each month.
  6. If you accept the terms and conditions, sign using your PIN or fingerprint.

Is your child old enough to deal with a tidy sum of money on his or her account?

There are two ways to transfer assets from your KBC Brussels Investment Plan to your child:

  • Move the contents of your custody account into your child's custody account
  • Sell the contents of your custody account and transfer the proceeds to your child's savings account

Through an investment plan in the name of your child

Looking to start up a KBC Brussels Investment Plan for your child? Then the KBC Brussels Investment Plan with third-party beneficiary clause is what you're after. Call KBC Brussels Live or drop into your bank branch to get the ball rolling.

You invest in the fund on your own initiative without investment advice from us. That means we don’t assess whether the fund is a suitable investment for you and are unable to fully check whether you belong to the fund’s target market. Contact your branch or KBC Brussels Live to learn more about getting investment advice from us.

Don't have KBC Brussels Mobile yet? Get the app.

Don't have KBC Brussels Mobile yet? Get the app.


You’re on a Windows phone. Sorry, you can only start investing on your mobile using our KBC Brussels Mobile app for Android or iOS.
However, we’ll be happy to help you get started in person. Make an appointment with us now.

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