Change of address

After moving, you have to have your address changed officially. Take time to notify everyone of your new address as well.

Pop along to the local population register

You have eight days after moving to go along to your new council's population registry. The local constable will pay a visit to check that you do in fact live where you've declared you do. After that, you can have your ID card amended at the population office.

The following government agencies are informed automatically

Once your new address is official, a number of agencies are notified.

  • Your health insurance fund
  • The National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV/INAMI)
  • The tax authorities
  • Your child allowance fund (if you have children)
  • The Unemployment Benefit Assistance Fund (HVW/CAPAC)
  • The Public Social Welfare Centre (OCMW/CPAS)

You should inform the following yourself

  • Your employer
  • Friends and family
  • Actiris, VDAB or FOREM (if you're a job-seeker)
  • Energy suppliers
  • Internet provider
  • Your bank branch and insurance agent
  • Clubs you're a member of
  • Magazines you subscribe to

You can notify a change of address by e-mail or online via the website of the company or department. You can notify a change of address by e-mail or online via the website of the company or department.
Your friends and family will certainly to be pleased to get an e-mail or postcard with a photo of your new pad. And, if you include an invitation to a house-warming party, they'll be even more pleased!

If you've arranged with bpost's 'Verhuisdienst/Service de déménagement' (moving house service) for your post to be forwarded from your old address, be sure to also contact the people who send you mail since it could be that you forgot to inform them of the move. 

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