Notifying us that a client has died

Notifying us that a client has died

It is exceptionally busy at the moment. We are doing our utmost to help you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

How to notify us of a death

It is important to let us know as soon as possible that one of our clients has died. When you notify us of the death, you will receive a first set of useful information and we will begin handling the deceased's banking and insurance affairs. A short time later, you will have a telephone meeting with an Estates adviser, who will tell you what needs taken care of and when.
You can tell us of a death

  • Online
  • At any KBC Brussels branch, or at the KBC Brussels Insurance agency where the deceased was a client

You can tell us of a death quickly and easily online

  • Send us a copy of the death certificate so we can help you faster
  • Get instant confirmation of receipt
  • Receive full details soon after to arrange a meeting with us
  • Not with us? Register with us as next of kin right after reporting the death so we can settle the estate for you as quickly and easily as possible


1Death certificate

Help us assist you to handle the deceased’s financial affairs by uploading a supporting document from an official authority (like the death certificate

2Your details
3Details concerning the deceased
4We’re there for you

KBC aims to process your personal data in a manner that is lawful, appropriate and transparent. Further details about how we process and share your personal data are set out in our privacy statement.It explains your rights and how you can exercise them. Our privacy statement is available at, at your branch or from your intermediary and is regularly revised.​​

What to do when someone dies

We’re here to provide practical help on the things you need to do. Read the full text and/or use our handy checklist.

Inheritance planning

Reduce the inheritance tax burden on your heirs.

Inheritance tax

What is inheritance tax? Who pays it and what rates apply?

Inheritance tax returns

Who fills in the inheritance tax return, who files it and where and when do they do so?
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