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Private Lease FAQ

Got questions about Private Lease? Check out our frequently asked questions for answers.
Private Lease FAQ

Things drivers need to know

Answers to all your questions concerning damage, tyre changes and fines.
Things drivers need to know

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Get help with Private Lease

Collecting your new car

Thoroughly inspect your new lease vehicle before accepting it. That way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises.
Collecting your new car

Returning the vehicle

Is your lease contract ending soon? Handing in your lease car is a breeze if you follow this information on returning the car.
Returning the vehicle

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The best apps to get around in Brussels

All the apps you need to book shared transport in Brussels, from scooters and bikes to cars and taxis.

Mobility in Brussels

Tram or bike, taxi or metro: however you move around, we want to help with your mobility.

Electric, plug-in hybrid or CNG?

KBC Brussels Bicycle Leasing

Fed up of traffic jams? KBC Brussels offers a complete bicyle leasing formula. Tell it to your boss!

Bicycle loan

Bikes are great fun. But good bikes come at a price. However, KBC Brussels's bicycle loan is a great solution if you're set on buying your dream bike.

Scooter loan

How much can I borrow?

We'll help you with a few guidelines.

Biking in Brussels: some safety tips

Cyclists' rights and obligations, and some precautions you can take to stay safe when cycling around town.

Polluting vehicles banned in Brussels from 2018

Pour préserver l’environnement et la santé des citoyens, Bruxelles met en place une zone de basses émissions. Qui est concerné ?

5 alternatives to driving in Brussels

Looking for alternative ways to get around Brussels? Give ‘soft mobility’ a try.

Find the loan that matches your plans

Need a loan? We can help you choose the right one. In two minutes.
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