KBC Brussels Business Convenience

The benefits

KBC Brussels Business Convenience

The benefits

Why choose KBC Brussels Business Convenience?

If you want to manage your payments in a way that suits you and run your financial affairs with several employees, then we have a unique concept for you: the KBC Brussels Business Convenience. This account combines a basket of payment products, including a KBC Brussels Business Dashboard subscription for an unlimited number of users. It's not expensive either. And you can bolt on extra services if you so wish. 

Included as standard

Our Business Convenience accounts can be managed using KBC Brussels Touch as well as KBC Brussels Business Dashboard. If you're a medium-sized or larger business with a Business Convenience account,KBC Brussels Business Dashboard is the best way to manage your account.

We designed KBC Brussels Business Dashboard to make financially managing your business easier. It lets you conveniently manage your credit facilities and insurance, SEPA direct debits, international payments and credit cards online – all in the same place, wherever and whenever you need to.

Extra services

If you need more than the standard services, KBC Brussels is there to meet your business needs. Choose from the following products and services:

  • Additional KBC Brussels Bank Cards
  • Additional KBC Brussels credit cards: KBC Mastercard Business Essential and KBC Mastercard Business Extra
  • KBC Brussels-Business Prepaid Kaart
  • VAB Fuel Card: as a holder of KBC Business Convenience, you benefit from an annual discount of 5 euros on each VAB Fuel Card 
  • Payment terminals and payment buttons


The annual charge for KBC Brussels Business Convenience is 138 euros. If your sales income from debit and credit card transactions made via a POS terminal or a BC/MC Payment Button is credited through KBC Brussels, you will receive an annual discount of 15 euros. What's more, because it is a business account, the charge for a KBC Brussels Business Convenience is tax-deductible.

KBC Brussels Business

KBC Brussels Business enables you to do your banking anywhere and anytime on your smartphone or tablet. You can: 

  • Consult the same accounts as in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard 
  • Make credit transfers easily; if the transfer is to a known beneficiary, you can transfer amounts up to 15,000 euros 
  • Sign payment orders or files initiated in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard using your smartphone or tablet 

Credit cards for business use

A KBC Mastercard Business Extra:

  • Allows you to make purchases quickly and securely all over the world
  • Gives you extra protection against abuse of the card if it is lost or stolen. You will not have to pay anything in that case, except in the event of fraud or gross negligence by you 
  • Gives you an air of quality, style and prestige
  • Entitles you to an emergency replacement card or cash if your card is lost or stolen abroad

Using a KBC Mastercard Business Extra enables you to keep your personal and business expenditure more clearly separate. The fee for a KBC Mastercard Business Extra is also tax-deductible.

You can apply for a KBC Mastercard Business Extra linked to the company account for several employees, and set the spending limit for each individual card. The standard spending limit is 5,000 euros. A statement is generated/sent out for each card, making it easier to keep track of spending, for example on business trips, in restaurants and for small purchases. You will automatically receive a KBC Mastercard Business Extra when you open KBC Brussels Business Convenience.

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