Insurance for you and your staff

Insurance for you and your staff

Insure your staff

An accident at work, a medical emergency abroad or an unexpected hospital admission: plenty of insurance is available to prevent an incident like this turning into a financial catastrophe.

Group insurance: better than a pay rise!

There’s nothing like a raise to motivate your employees. Especially one that’s more beneficial that a straightforward increase in pay.

Protection for you and your family

If an accident were to prevent you from working, your business would suffer, but so too would your income and your loved ones. Several policies cover that risk and can even help your family.

The driving force behind any business is obviously the people who work for it. From management to interns. So they all deserve special protection. The same goes for you too, as head of the company, and for your family. Don’t hesitate to ask your KBC Brussels relationship manager for advice.

Group insurance: the right plan!

If you’re looking to motivate your staff, giving them a pay rise isn’t necessarily the best idea. The difference between the gross and net amounts can turn out to be disappointing. Group insurance, by contrast, offers a beneficial alternative, by providing your employees with extra pension. For the same amount of money, your staff will end up better off than they would have been with a salary increase. Meanwhile, everyone has a clear insight into the accumulated reserve and the final amount receivable at maturity.

Insure the lifeblood of your business

Accidents can happen suddenly in the workplace. Compulsory industrial accident insurance is there to help. But there are lots of other policies too to protect your staff, your unpaid helpers, yourself and even your family. Here are the main ones:

Industrial accidents

This compulsory insurance covers medical costs and compensation for loss of income in the event of an accident at work. It applies to everyone with whom you have agreed an employment contract, even for a single day.

Guaranteed income

This supplementary insurance covers the difference between the total salary cost for the employer and the compensation paid by the industrial accident insurance.

Supplementary industrial accidents

This supplementary insurance goes further than compulsory industrial accident insurance and covers capped salary differences and certain non-reimbursed medical costs. 

Non-occupational accidents

It is not always easy to define whether an accident suffered by an employee occurred in the context of their professional or their private life. Thanks to this insurance, your employees are covered 24 hours a day. 

Employee assistance

If certain members of your staff have to travel abroad regularly for work-related reasons, this insurance provides cover for health problems and accidents.

Non-employee accidents

This insurance is intended for people who provide unpaid assistance to your company, such as members of your family.

Accidents based on agreed annual remuneration

This insurance is intended for company management and covers medical costs and loss of income in the event of an accident suffered while working or in private life (24 hours a day).

Family member accidents

Insurance covering members of your family. They are protected when helping out at your business, but also during private life.

Collective hospital insurance

This insurance covers your employees’ medical expenses if they are admitted to hospital. That makes it an attractive fringe benefit for your staff, not to mention a tax benefit for you, since you don’t have to pay social security contributions on the premiums. This protection, which can be extended to the beneficiary’s family members, is valid anywhere in the world. What’s more, the bills are settled directly with the hospital: your employees do not have to pay anything therefore in the event of hospitalisation.

GOOD TO KNOW: Most work-related protections can be grouped into a single insurance policy that protects your employees.

Would you like a full review of the risks associated with your professional activity? If so, contact your KBC Brussels relationship manager: they will advise you on the specific characteristics and obligations of businesses operating in Brussels.

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