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Trade and services

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Did you know that we have a new insurance solution which you can add to your property insurance policy and tailor to the needs of your business? It includes no less than 9 types of additional cover, including extra protection during events, all-risk insurance for vending machines, and cost recovery for your continuity plan, to name just a few. Discover the benefits now.

Insure the goods you're transporting

If you're on the road with a substantial amount of your own capital equipment and merchandise in your vehicle, you can protect your load against risks such as damage or theft by taking out our goods in transit insurance.

Theft Insurance

Covers you for loss or damage affecting your goods as a result of theft or attempted theft.

Insurance against a variety of risks

This insurance covers your movable and immovable property for various risks, including fire, vandalism and storms.

Insure items against all risks

With KBC All-Risk Insurance for Specific Items, you are covered against financial loss caused by theft or attempted theft of, unexpected damage to, or destruction of the insured specific items.

Insure monetary instruments such as cash and securities.

This all-risk insurance covers you against the destruction, damage or loss of the insured valuables.

Third-party liability insurance for lessors of business premises

If your insured buildings cause loss, damage or bodily injury to third parties, this insurance will cover you against claims from those third parties.

legal assistance and support in legal disputes concerning insured buildings

This insurance provides for legal assistance and support in legal disputes concerning the insured buildings.

Cover decrease in your operating result

After an insured claim event, you may find yourself unable to perform your professional activities properly. It is therefore advisable to insure yourself against the ensuing decrease in your operating results.

Insure yourself against unforeseen changes in environmental factors

This insurance covers your goods against sudden and unforeseen changes in environmental factors such as temperature and humidity.

Insurance for your animals

Insure your animals, such as individual horses, individual cattle or herds of cattle, against injury.

Cover yourself for soil remediation expenses

Discover the insurance that covers you for any expenses you incur in remediating the soil following leakage of fuel oil from a tank or its pipes.