KBC Brussels now sending your documents in digital format in the Business Dashboard

KBC Brussels now sending your documents in digital format in the Business Dashboard

From 24 October, KBC Brussels will be sending you as many of your company-related messages and documents as possible via the Business Dashboard instead of on paper. Not only is this a quicker and more secure service, it's also better for the environment.

You will now be able to easily view and download the following documents in your Business Dashboard:

  • Loan documents
  • Documents dealing with amendments to regulations and changes to rates and charges
  • Documents relating to investment and insurance products in the name of your company

It's worth noting that if you still receive account statements by post, you'll continue to receive them on paper until further notice. We'll also continue to send certain company-related insurance documents to you by post.

Where can you pick up your digital documents?

If you're the Business Dashboard administrator, legal representative or full-mandate holder, click 'Messages' at the top right of your screen to view and download your messages and documents.

Who can view digital documents?

As standard, only the legal representative, full-mandate holder and the Business Dashboard administrator can view documents.

Under 'Reports', you can also authorise specific users to view invoices and receive billing statements and confidential certificates.

How does KBC Brussels ensure that you don’t miss any important documents?

We'll send you an e-mail when there are legally required and other important documents for you. You can set up three e-mail addresses per company to receive notifications.

Frequently asked questions

You can download your documents, e-mail them and print them off.

Click the name of your company to get an overview of the administrators.

Click 'Administration' > 'Communication' > 'Notifications for important documents' > 'Change e-mail addresses'.

No, there are only two options open to you:

  • Either all administrators may view and download digital communications (standard arrangement)
  • Or none at all may view and download digital communications

No they can't. Certain documents, such as invoices, confidential certificates and billing statements can be found under 'Reports' in the Business Dashboard.

You decide which users are granted access to view or receive those documents.

They are kept for at least seven years. Unless you delete something yourself, you can always find your new and old administration in the Business Dashboard.

No, you can always access your KBC documents in the Business Dashboard. If you'd like to use additional functions or to grant other users access to view documents, your company will need to create an external Doccle account.

  • One central platform

Receive documents from KBC Brussels and other Doccle partners in one central location. At the same time, all KBC documents remain accessible in the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard.

  • Ability to pay invoices

Use the KBC Brussels Payment Button to go to the familiar KBC Brussels environment, where invoices can be paid right away. Mobile payment can also be made, without the need for a card reader.

  • Ability to share documents

Share bank documents with an employee or invoices with an accountant. Arrange everything quickly and securely with Doccle.


Keen to learn more about your digital communications or prefer to be excepted from the standard arrangement? Feel free to contact your KBC Brussels branch or your relationship manager.

If you’re having problems logging in to the Business Dashboard, call our Business Dashboard Helpdesk on +32 16 43 25 18.