What grants and support measures are available for starter businesses?

What grants and support measures are available for starter businesses?

Did you know you that various grants and support measures from the government are available to you as an incentive to keep investing in your business. We’ve provided an overview here of the most common institutions and grants in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and Europe.


  • Brussels Guarantee Fund: The Brussels Guarantee Fund helps Brussels-based SMEs obtain loans from banks by providing an additional government guarantee.
  • BRUCOFIN: this organisation grants subordinated loans.
  • BRUSTART: a subsidiary of the SRIB, it offers loans, a capital participation premium or both to Brussels companies in the process of creation or start-up.
  • CREDAL: provides access to micro-credits for the self-employed and start-ups (investment loans, working capital loans, etc.).
  • The Investment Premium: for material investments made by a self-employed person, a start-up or an SME.
  • Subsidia@KBC Brussels: Do you have an investment project in Brussels? KBC Brussels has its own subsidy service for entrepreneurs. Subsidia's experts will assist you from start to finish with your subsidy applications in Brussels.


  • SOWALFIN: SOWALFIN's mission is to respond to the financial needs of Walloon entrepreneurs and to offer them a support solution at key moments of their existence.
  • SOWACCESS: a subsidiary of Sowalfin, it helps you in the search for and financing of the transfer/takeover of companies.
  • SOCAMUT: another subsidiary of Sowalfin, Socamut makes it easier to obtain credit from banks.
  • SRIW: The Walloon Regional Investment Company contributes to the development of the economy of the Walloon Region by intervening financially in the development projects of Walloon companies or companies established in Wallonia. It participates in their growth, alongside private investors, via loans but also equity investments
  • Digital Wallonia: through the "Digital Wallonia" brand, the Digital Agency aims to embody Digital Wallonia and to significantly increase the visibility of the Walloon digital sector at national and international level.
  • AWEX: AWEX's mission is to support companies established in Wallonia in their desire for international development. AWEX helps them by providing advice, financial aid and various "export" services. In addition to this essential mission, AWEX also helps foreign investors to set up in Wallonia through its Invest in Wallonia service.

Grants and support measures in Flanders

Subsidies overheid eigen zaak
  • PMV: For guarantees and loans. PMV (Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen) supports entrepreneurs who are active in Flanders by providing a variety of products, ranging from loan guarantees (guarantee schemes) to low-rate loans (e.g., via Cultuurinvest, Kidsinvest, Start-up loan+) and venture capital (e.g., Cultuurinvest).
  • Business Angels Netwerk Vlaanderen: Because small growth-oriented companies find it difficult to raise capital, BAN Vlaanderen provides a formal framework to bridge that gap via private investors. This enables value-creating projects to be given opportunities in a completely independent way. These private investors are also called business angels.
  • Win-win loan: The win-win loan makes it easier for you to raise starting capital in your immediate vicinity. You borrow from family or friends who then qualify for tax relief. If the loan cannot be repaid, the investor can approach the government once to recover a portion of the money they had lent.
  • Start-up loan+: The start-up loan is an attractive and extremely flexible way to establish a self-employed business or set up a company.
  • SME co-financing: SME co-financing helps you to start or grow your company or self-employed business activity.
  • FINMIX: for complex financing needs. FINMIX enables entrepreneurs requiring complex types of financing to find a solution more efficiently and quickly by bringing together experts from various finance institutions.


European Investment Bank: The European Investment Bank (EIB) financing programme is an efficient way of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in their future development and growth.

What does this mean?
KBC has an EIB line of credit that is used to promote lending to the self-employed, members of the liberal professions, SMEs (companies with up to 250 employees) and mid-caps (companies with less than 3 000 employees).
Through our agreement with the EIB, we can grant an interest rebate of 0.25% for six years for certain investments.

Which type of investment is eligible?
KBC uses interest rebates specifically for climate-improving investments, lending to agriculture and region-specific investments (through CBC).
Companies operating in sectors that have a detrimental impact on people, animals and the environment do not qualify.

Loans to or for financial holdings and leasing companies, for the purchase of agricultural land, for business property development and for property leased to third parties are excluded.

Contact your KBC Brussels branch for more information.

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